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Jakob Rope Systems, stainless steel wire ropes, wire rope, wire rope net, rope terminations and AISI 316 stainless steel wire mesh.
Reference images architectural jakob ropes:
stainless steel wire ropes, wire rope net and terminations for railing stays, Zoo enclosures, ball catcher nets, safety nettings or Green walls

Jakob Rope Systems - Architectural ropes. Stainless steel wire ropes, wire rope net Webnet and rope end
Jacob stainless steel wire ropes and Terminations for railing infill, Enclosure, Bannister, The ball net, safety net

rope and lifting technology
ropes and slings in the fields of conveying, lifting, clamping, secure go with Jacob Rope system in each case on the safe side. We have wire ropes, steel rope, straps, chains and slings.
Jakob wire ropes and slings for forestry and construction. Reference images for pulling cables, crane cables, fiber cables, fiber networks.

Moving – Lifting –
Tensioning – Securing

You will find new products here
alongside our proven ones that,
as always, stand for quality, safety,
and dependability.


Jakob’s AISI 316
trellis components:

Soaring up to a height of
150 meters, the greenwalls
that adorn One Central Park
in Sydney are the tallest in
the world.


The Ilfishalle has been
thoroughly revamped.

Jakob’s stainless steel
architectural ropes and
Webnet products impressively
demonstrate the many options
available for enhancing safety
and configurability in interior
architecture projects.


AISI 316 stainless steel
Webnet netting:

The walkways and the two
towers (10 and 18 meters high)
are enclosed with Jakob’s
stainless steel Webnet fillings.
The exterior sides of the towers
are configured with Webnet