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Jakob Rope Systems, stainless steel wire ropes, wire rope, wire rope net, rope terminations and AISI 316 stainless steel wire mesh.
Reference images architectural jakob ropes:
stainless steel wire ropes, wire rope net and terminations for railing stays, Zoo enclosures, ball catcher nets, safety nettings or Green walls

Jakob Rope Systems - Architekturseile: Rostfreie Drahtseile, Drahtseilnetz Webnet und Seilendverbindungen.
Jakob Edelstahl Drahtseile und Endverbindungen für Geländerfüllung, Tiergehege, Treppengeländer, Ballfangnetz, Sicherheitsnetz

Seil- und Hebetechnik
Seile und Anschlagmittel in den Bereichen Fördern, Heben, Spannen, Sichern gehen Sie mit Jakob Rope Systems in jedem Fall auf Nummer sicher. Wir haben Drahtseile, Stahlseil, Gurten, Ketten und Anschlagmittel.
Jakob Drahtseile und Anschlagmittel für Forstwirtschaft und Bau. Referenzbilder für Zugseile, Kranseile, Faserseile, Fasernetze.

The Ilfishalle has been
thoroughly revamped.

Jakob’s stainless steel
architectural ropes and
Webnet products impressively
demonstrate the many options
available for enhancing safety
and configurability in interior
architecture projects.


AISI 316 stainless steel
Webnet netting:

The walkways and the two
towers (10 and 18 meters high)
are enclosed with Jakob’s
stainless steel Webnet fillings.
The exterior sides of the towers
are configured with Webnet


100 + 10 = 110 years

How time flies! 100 years have
meanwhile become 110 years
Jakob AG and we still fondly
remember the unusual and
unique centennial celebration
in Bangkok – a journey from
the far end of the Emmental to
the Far East.


Webnet types were executed
in free-form geometries.:

Jakob Webnet, a high marine
grade AISI 316 stainless steel
wire mesh, for safety and as a
design element, integrated in
the bridge which crosses the
railway tracks that connect
Moulines with Yzeure.