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Jakob Rope Systems - Architectural ropes. Stainless steel wire ropes, wire rope net Webnet and rope end
Jacob stainless steel wire ropes and Terminations for railing infill, Enclosure, Bannister, The ball net, safety net

rope and lifting technology
ropes and slings in the fields of conveying, lifting, clamping, secure go with Jacob Rope system in each case on the safe side. We have wire ropes, steel rope, straps, chains and slings.
Jakob wire ropes and slings for forestry and construction. Reference images for pulling cables, crane cables, fiber cables, fiber networks.

rock protection barrier:


Energy level classification 2
(500 kJ).


Intelligent statics neutralize
forces by deformation.



Webnet Frames are highquality
products compatible
with creative architecture.


Our Webnet Frames
offer you timeless design
alongside functionality and


Minimal maintenance

Greening brings nature
back to the city and
makes urban spaces
more livable.


The two companies, both globally
active, optimally complement each
other with respect to their product
lines and the corporate culture.

There will be no changes as
regards the premises and the
jobs at Habegger in Thun.