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Greenwall (façade greening), Sihlcity car park, Zürich (Switzerland)

raderschallpartner ag, landscape architects, Meilen (Switzerland)

The horizontally tensioned stainless steel strands ø 12 mm constitute the primary climber training support

structure; the vertical stainless steel trainer ropes ø 5 mm are attached to the support structure with special

clamps. Tension relief devices at the rope end connectors prevent excessive loads on the steelwork.

The 600 m2 climber trainer (25 x 24 m) is a successful example of façade greening with Jakob® Rope Systems.

Since the planting year, the climber plants have flourished and reached the top of this car park façade

(also see report G6.1).

Façade greening

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Greenwall (façade greening), Sihlcity car park, Zürich (Switzerland)

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Jakob Façade greening

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Façade greening

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