Know-how and Swiss Quality. Since 1904.

Our key skill: resourcefully linking tradition with innovation. It all started in 1904: we originally manufactured hemp ropes for farmers in the heart of Switzerland. Today, two generations later, we have a presence in 45 countries with an extensive line of ingenious products.

Our knack for perfection and determination to innovate had such far-reaching consequences because of a ‘virtue’ which at Jakob has become tradition: the total involvement of all staff members in the development process. This guarantees a high level of in-house value addition and genuine customer satisfaction.


Hans Jakob founds the rope factory Jakob in Trubschachen in the Emmental valley in the heart of Switzerland.


During the early years, Jakob produces hemp ropes for local farmers. The family also deals with fodder and fertilisers.


The company develops along the railway tracks, where the first ropewalk is built.


Local farmers mostly demand fibre ropes such as sheaf cords.


Forwarding of the finished products to the railway station.


Hans junior and Eduard join their father’s company.


Jakob now produces its own wire ropes in Trubschachen.


The company grows further and inaugurates a dedicated office building.


A second storey is built on top of the ropewalk.


With modern facilities and marketing activities, the company continues to develop.


Peter and Martin Jakob join the company representing the third generation. Soon after, the company launches its range of inox cables for architecture.


The new inox products are a success and necessitate the extension of the factory in 1995.

Jakob Rope Systems Lancierung Webnet


In 2002, Jakob Rope Systems introduces its most successful product to date, the inox wire mesh Webnet.


In the year the Webnet wire mesh is introduced, Jakob also starts the construction of a new office building right next to the historical founding site of the company.


The new office tract is inaugurated.


The large demand for Webnet products leads to the foundation of Jakob Saigon.


Reconstruction of the Ilfis Hall, home of the ice hockey club SCL Tigers.

Jakob Rope Systems supports the event location as a main sponsor.


Jakob Rope Systems acquires the venerable Habegger AG from Thun.

The new Jakob headquarters in Trubschachen finished in 2019


Jakob moves into a new headquarter at the traditional company siege in Trubschachen.

Jakob Rope Systems Saigon Factory Green Facade


The new factory of Jakob Saigon opens. Featuring a green façade and modern facilities for the local staff, the factory is pioneering in the region.