09. August 2022

Heinze ArchitekTOUR Wien: Visit us

We welcome you at the Heinze ArchitekTOUR event in Vienna. Visit our booth and meet our experts on the topics of architecture, greening and Webnet.

What do Jakob green solutions achieve on facades and in urban spaces? How to plan and realize structures and installations for greenery with us? What possibilities does the Jakob Webnet offer for greening, railing fillings, stairway and safety systems, and even for constructions of zoo enclosures?

We will present our projects and our know-how on these topics at the Heinze ArchitekTOUR event in Vienna (13.09.2022). Our specialists Rudolf Lehmann (Jakob Rope Systems) and Hermann Wüstner (Seilerei Wüstner) will welcome you at the booth of Jakob Rope Systems and Seilerei Wüstner. Come by – we are there for you!

What: Heinze ArchitekTOUR in Vienna
When: 13.09.2022
Where: Vienna, Expedithalle

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