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Image collage of a Webnet mesh and wire link mesh
Published 12 October 2020

Webnet vs.

Chain Link Mesh

At a first glance, Webnet looks not very different from a common chain link mesh. A closer look reveals how wire rope meshes differ from chain link meshes.

Published 13 July 2020

Once rope maker, today textile technologist

Why training as a rope maker is still a good decision today. A former and a current apprentice tell us.

A building with a facade greening by Jakob Rope Systems in Barcelona
Published 18 May 2020

6 ways how a greening improves your architecture project

Greenings help the environment and save money. Six reasons why you should tink about integrating a greening in your architecture project.

Published 30 April 2020

How to use high-strength fibre ropes

High-strength fibre rope technologies has made advances in recent years. Yet fibre ropes are still rarely found outside the sports industry, although they have one clear advantage over wire ropes.

Die KV-Lehre bei Jakob machen
Published 09 April 2020

Apprentice as businesswoman / businessman at Jakob

At Jakob, young persons are optimally supported and shoulder responsibility from the beginning of their apprentice.

Food tray at Jakob Saigon canteen
Published 17 March 2020

Jakob Saigon Canteen

The canteen at the new Jakob Saigon plant is part of Jakob Saigon’s mission to provide exemplary workplaces.

Montage of the extension of Jakob Rope Systems headquarters in Trubschachen
Published 02 March 2020


Jakob Rope Systems

Following the completion of the new headquarters in 2019, Jakob Rope Systems plans a further extension and the move of Habegger Maschinenfabrik AG to Trubschachen.

Jakob®Tensegrity Torus, a complex structure with a high load-bearing capacity, consisting of bars in combination with ropes
Published 28 February 2020

Jakob® Tensegrity Torus

What is the huge circular structure that seems to float in front of our headquarters?

A wall based greening with plant pots on the facade
Published 13 February 2020

Green walls, living walls … what’s the difference?

There are many different systems for greening - with their own advantages and disadvantages

Wheels on a ski lift post running a cable by Jakob Rope Systems
Published 27 January 2020

On the mountain

with Jakob Rope Systems

It’s peak skiing season. Why not go on top with us? Here are our most memorable ski lifts, where you can scale the mountain with Jakob cables.

Careful planning is essential for a successful greening
Published 15 January 2020

First planning steps for greening

Winter is the right time to think about the installation of greening. Careful planning helps to avoid errors and minimize costs. We have put together the most important aspects.

Peter Jakob during the interview
Published 12 December 2019

‘We have laid the basis for the future’

Peter Jakob on a sucessful 2019, the risks and opportunities for the future and the permanent challenge of reconciling sustainability and efficiency.