Wheels on a ski lift post running a cable by Jakob Rope Systems
Published 27 January 2020
Jakob cables for ski lifts

On the mountain

with Jakob Rope Systems

It’s peak skiing season. Why not go on top with us? Here are our most memorable ski lifts, where you can scale the mountain with Jakob cables.

The supply of ropes and cables for ski lifts is a traditional business area that we love to continue. Many lift and cableway operators in winter sports regions count on the quality of Jakob ropes and appreciate our customer service, such as on-site splicing. This is complemented by our range of products for ski slope safety, such as nets and Webnet safety solutions. 

Although often in the shadow of the bigger gondola lifts and cable cars, the belittled drag ski lifts are indispensable for ski regions: they are reliable, speedy and extremely efficient, carrying up to 1200 persons per hour at a driving power of only several tens of kilowatt. 

As you can see, Jakob cables can be found across the Alps and even in Iceland. So next time you are skiing, there’s a good chance that the lift that pulls you up the slope uses a Jakob cable.

A ski lift with a cable by Jakob against the silhouette of a mountain


Adelboden is a well known ski resort in the Bernese Oberland and also one of the largest in Switzerland. More than 200 kilometres of slopes, modern lifts and snow cannons guarantee perfect conditions for all skiers of all skill levels.

Jakob Rope Systems supplied the hoisting cable for one of the ski lifts in the region. 

Grenzlift Zermatt

The ‘Grenzlift’ (border lift) in Zermatt is definitely the most interesting lift with Jakob cables in our portfolio. It crosses the border between Switzerland and Italy and ends on the Gobba di Rollin peak on 3899 metres, the highest point in the Alps that can be reached by a lift. If you want to use it, you better hurry: the lift will be closed for good in 2021, once the new cabin cable car between the Testa Grigia and the Matterhorn has opened.


A utility shack of the Grenzlift Zermatt

Ísafjarðarbær Ski

Ísafjarðarbær is a small ski region in the Northwest of Iceland and features three smaller lifts and a total of 9 km of ski slopes, mostly aimed at families. The fjords of the region offer scenic views on the sea while skiing downhill.

Jakob supplied a cable and splicing services for one of the lifts, the northernmost place where a Jakob product is currently in use.

The Ísafjarðarbær bay in Iceland has a ski resort


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