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Architectural Cables
Hoisting and Lifting

Architectural cables

Jakob Rope Systems Brochure Suspension Rope StructuresSuspension Rope Structures Brochure

Ropes and cables by Jakob Rope Systems enable efficient and elegant suspension structures for street lamps, traffic lights or Christmas illuminations.


Webnet Sports Brochure CoverWebnet Sports Brochure

The talented wire mesh Webnet is ideally suited for manifold purposes on playgrounds and ball stop fences.


Hoisting & Lifting, Safety SystemJakob Safety System (German only)

The digital Jakob inspection tag: All of the data on your wire rope, chain, and web slings at a glance.

Hoisting & Lifting, Lifting gear inspectionsLifting gear inspections (online only)

Our lifting gear inspections give you guaranteed safety. Our inspections are governed by the current EN.


Image brochure (online only)

Ropes products from Jakob Rope Systems stand for both tradition and innovation. You benefit from our experience gained through countless successfully implemented projects.

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