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Greening in a new dimension


Greening has gained a new dimension with Jakob GreenSolutions.

The products of the GreenSolutions range consist of standardised combinations of stainless steel cables, cross clamps and spacers as well as single parts. Our wire mesh Webnet creates new possibilities for indoor and outdoor greening and can be used as a support for all types of climbers. By choosing the appropriate wire strength, mesh width and colour, you can customise the mesh according to your needs. Together with our enormous range of wire ropes, end terminations and accessories it allows creative architectural solutions.

Professional and expedient facade greening that is both functional and aesthetic requires careful and thoughtful planning. Climbing plants need supports and guides, typically in the form of rope systems or nets. For large-scale projects, we offer the full range of services, from advice to installation. Our long-standing collaboration with landscape architects and experience with complex large-scale greening projects is a great advantage. Together with experts, we develop greening concepts, select plants and design support structures. Ultimately, greened facades which combine ecology and aesthetics in an ideal manner are well-received elements which can enhance the acceptance and the value of a property.


Greening with Webnet

The wire mesh Webnet system offers a whole new world of possibilities for facade greening as well as other interior and exterior greening. The stainless steel mesh serves as a support for all types of climber plants and has many configuration options. You can choose from different wire diametres, mesh widths and colours to optimise Webnet for you needs. Thanks to the flexibility of the net, the growth of the climbers can be directed: even spatial structures can be overgrown.

Detail of a wall greened with Webnet

GreenGuide series

Greenguide is our home-owner range of steel cables and end connectors for the installation of facade greening. Thanks to the large variety of corresponding parts, the cable structure can be easily adjusted to the type of facade, the plants used and the purpose of the installation. Installation and maintenance are quick and easy and can be done by yourself or by landscape gardeners.

All products are made from marine grade stainless steel or other high quality materials, ensuring corrosion resistance and minimum maintenance. They are compatible with numerous products from the range of architectural ropes by Jakob Rope Systems.

Detail of a GreenGuide wire rope assembly

Services for Greening Projects

Jakob Rope Systems offers competent and comprehensive services to realise large scale greening projects such as green walls or green skyscrapers. Large scale greening projects are complex , where many factors have to be considered. These range from the desired effects of the greening over the micro-climatic conditions on site to long-term maintenance.

Our experience and long-standing collaboration with landscape architects and greening experts helps us to find the best greening concept for your project. We plan and design the support structure, supply the stainless steel cables and meshes and ensure professional installation and maintenance.

Detail of a greening planned and installed by Jakob Rope Systems


Jakob Green Solutions G1 CatalogueGreen Solutions G1

Ecological facade greening with a new dimension. The Jakob Green Solutions G1 programme provides ideas on 68 pages.

Jakob façade greening references brochureFacade Greening References

Webnet wire rope nets, wire ropes and end connectors by Jakob Rope Systems are eminently suitable as training aids for facade greening.


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