Hoch 2 & Plus 2, Vienna, Austria

2 + 2 = Webnet

The office buildings ‘Hoch Zwei’ and ‘Plus Zwei’ are eye-catching. Jakob Rope Systems secures the connecting bridge between the two buildings.

The oil and gas enterprise OMV has moved to a new headquarter situated between the Prater and the Messe Wien in the office district ‘Viertel Zwei’. Curved HEA beams formed the basis and the cage-like structure was constructed with shaped pipes. During completion, they were completely covered with Webnet as a safety net. This had already been taken into account in the planning with consoles and various substructures.

The bridge not only serves as a convenient connection between the two upper parts of the building, but also offers spectacular views over the new quarter and Vienna. It is a perfect showcase for Webnet’s qualities: the light stainless steel net structure is a reliable and robust fall prevention. At the same time, it is highly translucent and guarantees a free view at maximum safety.


Architect: Martin Kohlbauer
Installation: Seilerei Wüstner GmbH
Partners: Urbas Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Statik: D.I.Dr. techn. R. Baban

A bridge connects two skyscrapers in Vienna's Viertel Zwei district

Jakob products

Webnet rope Ø 1,5 mm, mesh size 60 mm, total net area 1.400 square metres
Supporting ropes Ø 5,0 mm

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