Stadthaus M1, Freiburg, Germany

Architecture coated with green

The topic of façade greening has often been treated regarding its aesthetic aspects. And rightly so, since a green façade is of course pleasant to the eye. The attraction of a living façade is even increased by the colours changing over the seasons.

The creative possibilities in façade greening are far ranging. The use different plants in combination with professional care can create manifold stunning effects.

Green façades make buildings popular. They are friendly to the environment as well as to citizens and animals. Sometimes their fragrance can even evoke romantic memories.

The plants absorb COand filter particulates. They reduce the city’s noise (up to 10 Decibel) and cool the building in summer through their shade and evaporation, resulting in lower energy consumption for air conditioning. Additionally, they protect the façade from UV rays, hail, intense rain and wind. Thereby, they help to increase the lifespan of the façade and other building components. 

Facade Greening on Stadthaus M1, Freiburg

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