25. August 2022

Brissago: Green islands in public space

The green islands for public space invite to linger. The flat-topped Webnet structure with climbing plants casts a cooling shadow on the seating underneath.

Brissago planters are equipped with a water reservoir. The robust materials offer a high level of protection against vandalism. The simple handling makes the green islands mobile and can be used wherever they are needed.

Brissago is an open concept – a vision for cities and communities. The shape of the planters is completely free, as is that of the climbing structures. Do you want certain technical equipment? Customized solutions are our strength.

The developers:

Brissago is the result of a joint development by duroplant and Jakob Rope Systems. duroplant is a specialist in greening and the technical implementation. Brissago is sold exclusively by duroplant and Jakob Rope Systems.

Development of rank structure: Jakob Rope Systems
Development of mobile planting concept: duroplant
Irrigation technology: duroplant


Contact us for any questions and more information:

Rudolf Lehmann
Business Development
+41 (0) 34 495 10 31