30. August 2021

HIT-TRAC 8A: New battery rope hoist with high pulling force

The development of Habegger rope hoists goes into the next round. Jakob adds a new product to the Habegger HIT-TRAC range. A strong powerhouse, powered by a battery electric motor from Stihl. So users avoid noise and exhaust emissions with the new HIT-TRAC 8A.

Where loads have to be moved with a motorized rope hoist, you need the Habegger HIT-TRAC systems. Here, the proven wire rope hoist systems reliably delivers its services. In many areas of application today, however, there is a growing need for a wire rope hoist that is as mobile and emission-free as possible while delivering high tractive force. For these reasons, landscapers, event technicians, firefighters and even ropeway fitters like to use battery-powered electric tools. The advantages in daily use are obvious: electric motors provide a constant high tractive force with low noise. In battery operation, users do not have to lay cumbersome power cables or refill gasoline.

To serve exactly these needs for the use of wire rope hoists in the future, Jakob has developed the new HIT-TRAC 8A. It expands the existing range of motorized wire rope hoists. A strong and handy power pack, driven by a battery electric motor from Stihl. The combination of the Habegger wire rope hoist principle and the powerful Stihl battery electric motor is unique on the market in this form.

Proven Habegger wire rope hoist principle

The HIT-TRAC 8A is based on the same operating principle as the other original Habegger motorized wire rope hoists. Any length of 8.2 millimeter thick wire rope is used as the traction rope. Inside the wire rope hoist, the rope is guided around the drive wheel by the pressure and guide pulleys and is ejected again when unloaded. The power is transmitted on the flanks of the drive wheel via the three-point rocker to the rope, which is looped around the drive sheave. The wire rope can be inserted and removed quickly and effortlessly at any point along its length. Cumbersome threading from one side is no longer necessary.

Advantage battery drive: mobile, fast and high performance

With its low weight of only 28.5 kilograms, easy handling and avoidance of noise and exhaust emissions, the HIT-TRAC 8A meets the highest demands for performance and working comfort when it comes to moving loads. For easy transport, the HIT-TRAC 8A can be quickly separated into hoist and rope. Quickly reassembled, the wire rope hoist lifts loads of up to 800 kilograms to heights of up to 70 meters on one battery charge. The rope speed is up to 8 meters per minute. The Stihl battery drive has an output of 1.8 kilowatts - almost 2.5 horsepower. Loads are lowered by means of a centrifugal brake.

The basic scope of delivery includes a rechargeable battery with quick charger. With the purchase of additional batteries, a permanent power supply can be ensured. An original Habegger rope of the desired length completes the system. Existing Habegger ropes for the HIT-TRAC 8B and 8E can also be used with the new 8A.

By purchasing a Habegger wire rope hoist, users are choosing a Swiss product developed to meet the highest demands for quality and reliability. The wire rope hoists have been successfully meeting these demands on the market since 1951 and have since proven themselves every day under extreme operating conditions. The know-how of the employees, the demands of the many customers and the high manufacturing quality at the Swiss location flow into their development and manufacture.