21. October 2022

Jakob Hanomag back in Trubschachen

The Jakob Hanomag is a real rarity. We have restored the historic vehicle and brought it to the original condition of 1970.

After 38 years, a piece of Jakob history on four wheels returned to Trubschachen in October 2022. The Hanomag-Henschel F35 was purchased by Jakob Seilerei in 1970 as a transport vehicle. At that time, a larger vehicle was needed for rope deliveries to customers and for transporting materials.

In 1984 Jakob sold the Hanomag. Now 35 years passed until Jakob bought the vehicle back in 2019. Back in family ownership, the Hanomag was now carefully restored until July 2021. Martin Jakob accompanied the restoration at Stämpfli construction company in Langnau i. E.

The restoration was to restore the original condition of the Hanomag from 1970 as far as possible. For example, spare parts were used from an identical Hanomag that acted as a "donor vehicle". Original samples were purchased in Germany for the reupholstery of the seat cushions. Hannes Jakob and Yolanda Jakob reconstructed the blue company lettering on the vehicle (Jakob Seilerei) from old photos. The engine of the vehicle remained original.

Today, the Jakob Hanomag is a real rarity. It is the only Hanomag-Henschel delivery van in running condition in Switzerland. The vehicle is registered as a veteran vehicle since July 2021.

The Hanomag spends the winter months in our company building in Trubschachen. From spring to fall, we will use the vehicle for smaller errands and deliveries. This way, the Hanomag gets regular exercise, which is good for it.