ModularRailing Frames


Quick delivery, minimal planinng effort, maximal flexibility: The modular stainless steel railing system with Webnet Frames

ModularRailing is a stainless steel railing system out of Webnet Frames. Four Frame types and the adjustable spacer allow maximum flexibility and minimal planning effort. The distance adjuster allows flexibility for construction tolerances. ModularRailing can be installed with Jakob posts or custom posts.

ModularRailing gives you a stainless steel railing within a short period. On receipt of your request we plan you railing and send you an offer. All parts are on stock and can be supplied immediately. We also offer the installation on site. Your railing is delivered and installed within days after the inital planning.

The system at a glance

  • Four freely combinable types of Webnet Frame allow any railing length from 2800 millimeters
  • Two types of posts, either for flat or frontal installation; custom posts also possible
  • The distance adjuster connects posts and railings and can absorbs construction tolerances
  • All parts from stainless steel AISI 316
  • Delivery from stock
  • Dimension according to norm SIA 261, EN1990, BFU
  • Installation by Jakob or by customer possible

Download Brochure ModularRailing


Four types of Webnet Frames allow to cover all lengths of railings from 2800 mm. Jakob calculates the optimal distribution of railing types for you. For technical details, please consult the ModularRailing brochure.

  • Type A: 900 × 1128 mm
  • Type B: 900 × 973 mm
  • Type C: 900 × 748 mm
  • Type L (angular frame): 900 × 419 × 419 mm
  • Webnet 20261-0150-040, type H24, mesh aperture 40 mm, rope Ø 1.5 mm


We offer two types of posts: one for top-side installation and one for front-side installation. ModularRailing can also be installed on custom posts.

  • Post 1: 12 mm width, 1000 × 150 × 90 mm
  • Post 2: 12 mm width, 1205 × 170 × 90 mm


If it doesn’t fit: no problem. The spacers between Frames and posts allow to adjust the railing length and absorbs construction tolerances.

We plan, you build

ModularRailing has been designed to make planning your balustrade as efficient as possible. Simply furnish us with some basic information and Jakob will take care of the rest. Within a week you can have a stainless steel railing with Webnet at an affordable price that meets building codes and safety regulations. 

  1. Indicate the dimensions of your railing, the type of posts and the layout.
  2. Jakob calculates your railing and sends you an offer.
  3. ModularRailing can be delivered ex stock Switzerland, including plans, drawings and all necessary information for installation. Jakob also offers the installation of the railing. 

From CHF 300 per running meter*

* based on a configuration without angle and top-side installation posts, without installation




Length-adjustable stainless steel railing systems with Webnet Frames

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The Webnet Frames programme is presented in two parts. In the Frames F2 Technical brochure, we show you the products and provide technical information.

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ModularRailing Distance Adjuster

Assembly instruction for the distance adjuster of the ModularRailing range.

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