Jakob Ropes for lifting and hoisting

Fachkompetenz und Erfahrung

Seil- und Hebetechnik

Mit mehr als 110 Jahren Erfahrung ist Jakob Rope Systems der kompetente Partner für alle Fragen rund ums Seil.

Jakob Rope Systems bietet ein Vollsortiment für die klassische Seil- & Hebetechnik. Neben den passenden Seilen führen wir ein breites Sortiment an Zubehörteilen, Ketten und Gurten. So können Seile schnell nach den individuellen Kundenwünschen gefertigt werden.

Wir führen alle Arten an klassischen Faserseilen für alle Einsatzgebiete, von Natur- bis Synthetikfasern. Drahtseile stellen wir seit über 60 Jahren in unserer eigenen Firma her. Bei Fragen rund ums Seil und dessen Anwendungen steht das erfahrene und kompetente Jakob-Team gerne zur Verfügung.


Wire ropes

Ropes made of steel wire are among the most highly loaded elements in the area of lifting and hoisting technology. The distribution of the load across numerous individual wires guarantees the greatest operational safety. They can withstand high operating speeds with ease. They are also convincing with their quiet running and an efficient ratio between their own weight and carrying capacity – and not least of all, due to economic advantages. Apart from wear through normal operation and weather-dependent corrosion, wire ropes are not subject to any significant losses of strength. Moreover, they are maintenance friendly and their functionality is easy to monitor. What is not easy is making the correct choice: Different areas of application or operating conditions require careful specification.

Jakob Rope Systems has been producing wire ropes in their own facilities since the nineteen fifties. The tradition of manufacturing wire rope has resulted in an accumulation of additional know-how. This additional knowledge helps us understand the rope and its properties even better.

  • Wire rope lifting gear: Anchor slings, loops and chokers are used to safely lift heavy loads.
  • Stationary ropes are primarily tensioned in fixed situations and are used as guy ropes for towers and booms or as guide ropes for lifts.
  • Running ropes take on the curvature of rollers, pulleys or drums in rotating applications. This encompasses lift ropes, hoisting ropes, crane ropes, scraper ropes or haul ropes for cableways.
  • Track ropes take on the function of wire rope ‘rails’ in means of transportation such as cableways, cable cranes, cable scrapers, etc.
Jakob Rope Systems: Steel Rope Bobbin


Our large range of accessories includes: reversing pulleys, turnbuckles, hooks, wedge sockets, shackles, cable grips.


The right chain for your area of application: Jakob Rope Systems carries a broad spectrum of chains, chain hoists and accessory materials in various different types and configurations:

  • High-strength chain up to quality grade 10
  • Rock-lifting chain
  • Square-link forestry chain
  • Square-link hauling chain
  • Ratchet tensioners
  • Load hooks and safety load hooks
  • Sling and barrel hooks
  • Chain hoists
  • Coupling links and chain connectors

Our sling chains are manufactured to EN 818.

Fibre ropes

Thanks to new design and manufacturing techniques, fibre rope is still an important part of the world of ropes. Fibre ropes are employed when the properties of dynamics, flexibility, own weight and rotting are important influencing factors. Fibre ropes are manufactured in different designs and of various materials:

  • Polyester ropes
  • Polypropylene ropes
  • Dyneema® ropes
  • Hemp ropes
  • Rubber ropes

We manufacture our fibre ropes for you with spliced loops, continuous splices or equipped with further items from our range.

Safety nets

Our safety nets and tarpaulins are convincing with their high quality standards. All nets are made of polypropylene or polyester, are high-strength and knot-free. This makes the nets exceptionally durable and low in wear while the mesh geometry always maintains the same structure. The nets are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Each net is equipped with a fixed finished edge, which makes fraying impossible and simplifies installation.

Our tarpaulins are available in various versions; the material and breathability can be selected as needed.

In addition to the various quality characteristics, the nets and tarpaulins are also available in different colours. Thanks to our large stock on hand, we can supply your needs quickly.

Jakob Rope Systems gladly serves you with consulting and support for your projects from planning to installation. We also offer safety inspections for safety nets.


Jakob Program C CatalogueC2 Hoisting & Lifting

Jakob Programme C2: 252 pages of documentation about our range of products for moving, lifting, tensioning, and securing.

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Jakob is a full-range supplier on the mountain: Mountain M Products shows our collection of products for cableway operations.

Jakob Rope Systems Mountain M CatalogueMountain M Manual (German only)

The companion to our Mountain M Catalogue: expert knowledge on ropes and cables for the alpine industry.

Hoisting & Lifting, Safety SystemJakob Safety System (German only)

The digital Jakob inspection tag: All of the data on your wire rope, chain, and web slings at a glance.

Hoisting & Lifting, Lifting gear inspectionsLifting gear inspections

Our lifting gear inspections give you guaranteed safety. Our inspections are governed by the current EN.


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