Bringing more green to urban spaces


The products of Jakob Rope Systems play a key role in enabling the growth of green infrastructure.

The vehement demand for ecological and sustainable construction methods has in recent years lent a new degree of currency and significance to a long-known architectonic topic: the greening of building facades. The plants absorb CO2, they filter out dust and dirt, dampen noise exposure and in summer provide for a natural form of building cooling by casting a shadow and through water evaporation. This reduces the costs for building air conditioning. In addition, the greening protects the facade from UV radiation, hail, driving rain and wind. Thus, the service life of the building shell is extended as an additional benefit.

Both Jakob Rope Systems wire ropes and end terminations, as well as Webnet wire rope nets are ideally suited for use as climbing supports for facade greening. Jakob has a great breadth of experience in planning and executing both small and large-scale climbing supports. The large selection of standard products and the endless possibilities for customer-specific solutions make Jakob your ideal partner.



Jakob Green Solutions G1 CatalogueGreen Solutions G1

Ecological facade greening with a new dimension. The Jakob Green Solutions G1 programme provides ideas on 68 pages.

Jakob façade greening references brochureFacade Greening References

Webnet wire rope nets, wire ropes and end connectors by Jakob Rope Systems are eminently suitable as training aids for facade greening.


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