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27 November 2019

New Factory of Jakob Saigon opens!

Jakob Rope Systems is proud to announce the opening of its second factory in Saigon, Vietnam. With sustainable construction methods, a green facade and amenities for staff, the factory is pioneering in the region. Xin chúc mừng!

Jakob Rope Systems Saigon Factory Opening
EventsJakob Switzerland
14 November 2019

Schulung Anschlagmittel­kontrolle & Ladungs­sicherung

Die Schulung richtet sich an Verantwortliche für Anschlagmittel wie Magaziner, Lageristen oder Vorabeiter. Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Anmeldeformular.

Die Schulung findet am 31. Januar 2020 in Trubschachen statt. 

+++ Die Schulung ist ausgebucht. Ein Zusatztermin wird noch bekannt gegeben! +++

Jakob InternationalProjects
13 November 2019

The northernmost Jakob cable

Over the past few days, Jakob technicians have installed a new on a lift in the Icelandic ski resort Ísafjarðarbærski in the North West of the island.
Jakob Rope Systems cable car steel cable Iceland
Jakob SwitzerlandProjects
24 October 2019

New cable for ‘creative roundabout’

The city of Root in the canton of Lucerne features ‘Switzerland’s most creative roundabout’. Jakob Rope Systems has now reinstalled the 139 metres long steel cable of the art installation ‘Tension Energy’ by the Greek artist Costas Varotsos.

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Monteur (m/w/d)

Jakob SaigonProjects
01 October 2019

New Jakob factory in Saigon grows

The new production site of Jakob Rope Systems in Vietnam is continuing to develop. With the building itself almost completed, works to design the recreation areas in the interior courtyard are underway. Our colleagues will enjoy a wide range of amenitites unique in the area.

The Jakob logo with Webnet ID plates at the entrance of the new Jakob factory in Vietnam
Jakob SwitzerlandJakob International
21 August 2019

Jakob headquarters shine in new glory

The new headquarters of Jakob Rope Systems in Trubschachen are rapidly approaching completion.

During the past few weeks, the final touches have been added to the building. Currently, our mechanics are busy installing the stainless steel cables for the facade decoration. Engineering, production and installation were entirely done in-house. More than 17 kilometres of cables visibly demonstrate Jakob’s identity and know-how in ropes and cables.

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07 August 2019

Jakob Rope Systems is Gold Partner of the 26th IAKS congress 2019

Jakob Rope Systems is a Gold sponsor of the 26th edition of the IAKS congress 2019, the leading international forum on the planning, building and operation of sports and leisure facilities.

The congress will take place from 5 to 8 November in Cologne, Germany and is organised by IAKS, the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities of which Jakob Rope Systems is a member.

As a supplier of ropes and cables for sports grounds, gymnasiums and playgrounds, Jakob Rope Systems is proud to support research and knowledge exchange on the construction of sports facilities and to promote the aims of the IAKS.

IAKS congress 2019
SwitzerlandJakob SwitzerlandJakob International

The Big 5

25 – 28 November 2019,
Dubai, UAE
The Big 5
SwitzerlandJakob SwitzerlandProjects
13 July 2019

Opening of the ‘Vogellisi’ walk in Adelboden

The new ‘Vogellisi’ walk, named after a folk song, is a family adventure path in Adelboden in the Bernese Oberland. Our Webnet and other rope products have been used to design and secure various playing structures along the way.

‘Vogellisi’ walk
Jakob SwitzerlandJakob GermanyCareer
22 May 2019

Technischer Verkäufer (m/w/d)

Jakob Switzerland
18 February 2019

Jakob Rope Systems moves into new offices

Jakob Rope Systems is looking forward to welcoming business partners to its new, representative headquarters in Trubschachen.

The constructions works on the new headquarters of Jakob Rope Systems are in their final phase. On 15 February, we could tick another box on our to do list: the first colleagues could claim their desks in the new office.

Jakob Rope Systems office
SwitzerlandJakob SwitzerlandProjects
15 November 2018

Jakob Rope Systems on the Meret Oppenheim tower in Basel

Jakob Rope Systems supplies the railing infills for Basel’s most prominent new building. The works on the project designed by Herzog & de Meuron are nearly finished. The office rooms and flats will be ready for occupancy in early 2019.

More information at
Jakob SwitzerlandProjects
08 November 2018

Installation works at ‘Les Falaises’ in Lausanne

For the last five weeks, Jakob Rope Systems has been busy to install cables, cable tensioners, clips, and nets at the project ‘Les Falaises’ in Lausanne. Since early November, the scaffolds are being disassembled and our rope and net structures appear. Overall, Jakob Rope Systems will execute ca. 400 working days at the installation site.

Webnet at Les Failaises, Lausanne
Jakob SwitzerlandProjects
09 October 2018

Inauguration of the footbridge over the Maggia

The bridge connects Moghegno with Maggia across the river of the same name. It is 120 metres long, cost 1.4 million Swiss francs and is suspended on a single pillar of 18 metres height. The community of Maggia hopes the elegant structure will encourage the use of non-motorised traffic by locals and tourists alike.

Jakob Robe Systems products integrate ideally with the modern design of the curved bridge. A sleeveless Webnet and steel cables provide security for pedestrians and cyclists on the 1.5 metre wide path. The extra-strong stranded wires of our Forte range give strength and stability to the suspension structure.

The new bridge for bikes and pedestrian crossing the river Maggia in Ticino, Switzerland uses cables and nets by Jakob Rope Systems
Jakob SwitzerlandJakob SaigonHighlights
18 July 2018

Ground-breaking ceremony in Ho-Chi-Minh-City

The history of Jakob Rope Systems continues. We are celebrating the start of construction on the expansion of our production site in Ho-Chi-Minh-City.

With a sustainable design, adapted to the climate of the tropical region, Jakob Rope Systems is doing pioneering work: With green facade, the building will be naturally cooled and air-conditioned. Employees will enjoy a safe and modern work space and have access to a number of amenities during their breaks. We are very pleased to be able to follow this successfully growing project and not least to create an attractive and literally pleasant atmosphere for all employees.

Peter Jakob and representatives of the involved parties with shovels on the traditional groundbreaking ceremony of the new Jakob Rope Systems Saigon factory
Jakob InternationalProjects
22 April 2018

Jakob Rope Systems secures Hiroshima Hills

The Hiroshima Orizuru Tower offers a unique opportunity to experience the past, present and future of Hiroshima. Jakob Rope System’s Webnet fits perfectly with the concept of ‘Hiroshima Hills’, the tower’s observation platform at the top level. The aim was to have an unobstructed view from the floor of the platform to the roof, unhindered by railings or balustrades. Webnet allows them to experience wind and weather and it provides the security necessary when children and adults roam on the thirteenth floor of a skyscraper.

Jakob Rope Systems Webnet secures observation platform on Hiroshima Orizuru Tower
HighlightsJakob International
12 August 2016

Jakob Rope System supplies stainless steel frames – complete with Webnet installed

They stand for architectonic aspiration, safety, longevity: Stainless steel cables offer flexible solutions for the most diverse demands in construction. Jakob Rope Systems, the Swiss company rich in tradition, now offers their certified Webnet stainless steel nets together with stainless steel frames as a combined product thanks to an enhanced approval – no standard dimensions, (almost) no size limitations. A unique product on the market!

All Webnet Frames are made to order upon customer request. Webnet is installed in a slotted frame profile or is bound to a round tube in classic fashion. Because the products are delivered ready for installation, time consuming and cost-intensive work for the installer is eliminated. Suitable frame holders or clips can be included in delivery as needed. The simple and fast installation of Webnet frames offers an overall exceptionally cost-effective complete solution: The fixed costs enable reliable price calculation and the high degree of pre-assembly saves expensive installation costs.

Jakob Rope Systems supplies stainless steel frames with Webnet installed
SwitzerlandJakob SwitzerlandHighlights
20 November 2008

Jakob Tensegrity Torus

The challenge of exploring the fringe of our capabilities prompted us to plan and build this one-of-a-kind construct: the Jakob Tensegrity Torus, a highly complex structure consisting of rods and wire rope. Swiss architect Filippo Broggini was commissioned with the draft. The production and assembly work was handled by Jakob employees in the course of 6 years. The initiative acquainted us with the limits of technical feasibility. Testing frontiers encourages us to rethink long-standing empirical insights and established processes. Not rarely, this results in new approaches that allow traditional concepts to be improved. We are convinced that our customers will benefit from the experience we have accrued with this project.

Jakob Rope Systems Tensegrity Torus
News & EventsJakob SwitzerlandJakob Saigon
02 October 2008

Opening Jakob Saigon

One company philosophy – Two locations

For over hundred years, Jakob Rope Systems has produced ropes and cables in Trubschachen in the Emmental in the heart of Switzerland. In 2008, the company ventured into unknown lands by starting the operations of its branch in Vietnam for the production of the wire mesh Webnet.

Image collage on the opening of Jakob Saigon in 2008 showing the Jakob office in Saigon and a female employee on the telephone
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