Visualisation of a possible greening on the Roter Platz in Solothurn
19. February 2021

Jakob proposes greening project for Solothurn

The redesign of the Roter Platz is a debated topic in Solothurn. Jakob Rope Systems has used the occasion to make a suggestion to greate a public green space in the center of the Swiss town.

A service for the public

Our project addresses the pressing issue of designing public spaces in times of climate change. It was designed without any public mandate, but is meant as a contribution to the public debate.

Not only Solothurn, but cities around the world are facing similar challenges. Greening with cable structures provides an efficient solution and can be one element of strategies to cope with climate change in the urban environment. Jakob Rope Systems is happy to support city councils and other public bodies in planing and designing such structures.

The concept has been developed together with rollimarchini architects, Berne.


Jakob Engineer Rudolf Lehmann led the project. He is happy to discuss innovative greening projects with interested companies and local councils.

Portrait Rudolf Lehmann
Rudolf Lehmann
Business Development
+41 34 495 10 31


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