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28. April 2022
RopeLab: Plants on the rope

LivingRope is a wire rope construction on which plant pots are strung and watered in a fully automated way. This project from our RopeLab solves the question of how a facade greening could work with the fastest possible result.

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04. April 2022
Forte: Elegant tension elements for lightweight structures

The Forte product line connects ropes and tension rod systems in stainless steel. This provides a wide range of components with uniform dimensions which can be combined. This premium range enables architectural solutions which carry high loads yet are slender in design.

Reference Webnet
09. February 2022
Stairways secured with stainless steel mesh

Bright rooms and an exciting incidence of light. Webnet adds special accents to the staircases of a school building in Vienna. The installed stainless steel nets create safety and at the same time support the natural light incidence in the building.

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