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06. January 2022
Webnet micro: Transparent protection over Zurich's tracks

The Negrellisteg in Zurich offers pedestrians a special view of the surrounding urban area when crossing the tracks. The architects solved the discreet overthrow protection at the bridge with Webnet micro.

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25. November 2021
Jakob rope work on the Grimselpass

The construction of the new Spitallamm replacement dam is a special project in a high alpine location in the Bernese Oberland. Jakob Rope Systems is supporting this construction project with work in the field of hoisting and lifting technology.

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11. November 2021
Webnet on the treetop path in Laax

Graubünden is home to one of the longest treetop trails in the world. With a length of 1.56 kilometres and a height of 28 metres, the "Senda dil Dragun" is a unique natural experience. Jakob Rope Systems was allowed to integrate the stainless steel net Webnet for this project.

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