Inconspicuous safety solutions

Bridge Safety

Bridges are a part of our civilization, the architecture of transportation routes, and of everyday beauty. They need to be safe and remain safe.

Where there are bridges, there are people. That bridges function properly and do not endanger anyone are topics which receive continual attention and are as important as the new construction itself. Suicide prevention is a significant factor in almost all bridges. Warning signs are in no way adequate. Fall stop nets and safety fences are designed and higher railings are installed. There are many options, but the most suitable solution always depends on the architectonic circumstances and the local surroundings as well.

It takes a great deal of experience to accomplish projects like these because the technical and aesthetic challenges are highly demanding in virtually every case. Safety technology with an attractive and unobtrusive appearance is an area in which Jakob Rope Systems has specialized with the product Webnet and has gathered a wealth of experience.

Comprehensive support from start to finish

Our experience shows that it can take years before the actual installation of finished safety solutions for bridges takes place. The starting point is a desire for a sustainable measure expressed by the population or an interest group which is directed to politicians or a government agency. In many cases, the issue of the safety measures doing justice to the architectonically valuable structure is a deciding factor.

With perseverance and competence, Jakob Rope Systems has guided the course of numerous projects over the years. Tasks include talks with the responsible authorities, initial materials sampling, creating preliminary projects, test series concerning loading, the calculation of feasible solutions, the creation of composite images for visualization as well as the development of an experimental prototype on site. We will support you with our experience all the way through to approval, produce the planned measures in the highest quality and carry out the installation on the object with our specialists.

Webnet for bridge safety

Transparent and flexible net structures made of Webnet can be configured in a variety of ways for the respective project by using different rope diameters and mesh sizes, all supported by efficiently placed primary ropes and steel structures. Active and passive bridge protection equipment constructed using the Jakob system persuades through its timeless design. The discrete appearance is very compatible with architectonically valuable and historic structures worthy of protection.


Brochure Structural measures to ­safeguard buildings (PDF)

Structural security solutions for buildings, bridges, towers, viewing platforms and railway systems.

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Catalog Forte (PDF)

The Forte product line combines high-quality ropes and tension rod systems. This creates a wide range of combinable components with uniform dimensions.

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Catalog Webnet (PDF)

Pliable, transparent grid structures made of stainless steel wire rope. Our Jakob Webnet program presents countless application possibilities.

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Catalog Frames F2 Technical (PDF)

The Webnet Frames programme is presented in two parts. In the Frames F2 Technical brochure, we show you the products and provide technical information.

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Catalog Frames F2 References (PDF)

The Webnet Frames programme is presented in two parts. In the Frames F2 References brochure, you will find many real-world applications.

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Catalog Webnet Bridge References (PDF)

Active and passive protection assets for bridges with Webnet are persuasively timeless in design.

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Catalog Webnet Safety References (PDF)

Safety and protection systems with Webnet are timeless in their design.

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