News from Jakob Rope Systems.

Webnet bridge over the creek Trub
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05. November 2020
Unique footbridge with Webnet

The new suspension bridge near our headquarters in Trubschachen is almost finished. It is highly innovative, using Webnet instead of cables as hangers. This lends the bridge a very elegant look.

A plant growing on a Webnet trellis
News GreenSolutions
09. July 2020
Jakob extends its greening range!

The new catalog GreenSolutions G2 by Jakob Rope Systems offers new possibilities for architects and designers to greening of buildings.

Image collage of the roof of the Jakob factory with solar modules and the electricity counter
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10. June 2020
Green electricity from the Emmental

The solar panels on our buildings in Trubschachen are busy. 100 MWh annual yield is reached.This corresponds to the demand of about 30 households!

Logo of EAZA
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02. April 2020
Jakob Rope Systems becomes EAZA member

Jakob Rope Systems is a leading supplier for modern and reliable zoo enclosoures. To strengthen our collaboration with the zoo community, we are now happy to announce that the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria has accepted Jakob as a member. We are delighted to support EAZA’s mission to facilitate cooperation within the European zoo and aquarium community towards the goals of education, research and conservation.

EAZA website
Montage of the extension of Jakob Rope Systems headquarters in Trubschachen
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27. March 2020
Extension of Jakob Rope Systems

Following the completion of the new headquarters in 2019, Jakob Rope Systems plans a further extension and the move of Habegger Maschinenfabrik AG to Trubschachen.

A mountain silhouette with snow and a ski lift
Blog Hoisting and Lifting
02. March 2020
Ski lifts with Jakob cables

It’s peak skiing season. Why not go on top with us? Here are our most memorable ski lifts, where you can scale the mountain with Jakob cables.

Jakob®Tensegrity Torus, a complex structure with a high load-bearing capacity, consisting of bars in combination with ropes
Blog Jakob Hoisting and Lifting
28. February 2020
A gate to the sky

What is the huge circular structure that seems to float in front of our headquarters?

A wall based greening with plant pots on the facade
Blog GreenSolutions
13. February 2020
Greening types

There are many different systems for greening - with their own advantages and disadvantages

A young plant shoot growing on a Jakob stainless steel cable
Blog GreenSolutions
15. January 2020
First planning steps for greening

Winter is the right time to think about the installation of greening. Careful planning helps to avoid errors and minimize costs. We have put together the most important aspects.

The Webnet leopard enclosure in Byculla Zoo Mumbai
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18. December 2019
Leopard enclosure in Mumbai completed

Jakob Rope Systems has completed the works on a new animal enclosure for the leopards of Mumbai’s Byculla Zoo. Jakob designed the elegant Webnet structure, delivered the mesh and cables and worked with local partners to install the enclosure.

Peter Jakob during the interview
Blog Jakob
12. December 2019
‘We have laid the basis for the future’

Peter Jakob on a sucessful 2019, the risks and opportunities for the future and the permanent challenge of reconciling sustainability and efficiency.

The green facade of Jakob Saigon VSIP II at the opening in November 2019
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27. November 2019
New Factory of Jakob Saigon opens!

Jakob Rope Systems is proud to announce the opening of its second factory in Saigon, Vietnam. With sustainable construction methods, a green facade and amenities for staff, the factory is pioneering in the region. Xin chúc mừng!

Jakob stell cable in front of a ski lift post
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13. November 2019
The northernmost Jakob cable

Over the past few days, Jakob technicians have installed a new on a lift in the Icelandic ski resort Ísafjarðarbærski in the North West of the island.

Dalirnir ski resort
The decoration with stainless steel cables on the black facade of the Jakob headquarters in Trubschachen
News Jakob
21. August 2019
Jakob headquarters shine in new glory

The new headquarters of Jakob Rope Systems in Trubschachen are rapidly approaching completion with its news facade.

A ball catching fence in Riaz, Gruyères, by Jakob Rope Systems
Exhibition Webnet
07. August 2019
Jakob Rope Systems is Gold Partner of the 26th IAKS congress 2019

Jakob Rope Systems is a Gold sponsor of the 26th edition of the IAKS congress 2019, the leading international forum on the planning, building and operation of sports and leisure facilities.

IAKS congress 2019
Interior of the new Jakob office with a co-working space and indoor greening
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18. February 2019
Jakob Rope Systems moves into new headquarters

Jakob Rope Systems is looking forward to welcoming business partners to its new, representative headquarters in Trubschachen.

Building with Webnet balconies, Les Falaises, Lausanne
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08. November 2018
Installation works at ‘Les Falaises’ in Lausanne

For the last five weeks, Jakob Rope Systems has been busy to install cables, cable tensioners, clips, and nets at the project ‘Les Falaises’ in Lausanne. Since early November, the scaffolds are being disassembled and our rope and net structures appear. Overall, Jakob Rope Systems will execute ca. 400 working days at the installation site.

Footbridge over the river Maggia with Jakob cables
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09. October 2018
Inauguration of the footbridge over the Maggia

The bridge connects Moghegno with Maggia across the river of the same name. It is 120 metres long, cost 1.4 million Swiss francs and is suspended on a single pillar of 18 metres height. The community of Maggia hopes the elegant structure will encourage the use of non-motorised traffic by locals and tourists alike.

People on stage at the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony of Jakob Saigon in the VSIP II business park
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04. July 2018
Ground-breaking ceremony in Ho-Chi-Minh-City

The history of Jakob Rope Systems in Vietnam continues. We are celebrating the start of construction on the expansion of our production site in Ho-Chi-Minh-City.

A Habegger multi-purpose hoist
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02. January 2016
Jakob Rope Systems acquires Habegger Thun

In 2016, Jakob Rope Systems acquired the venerable company Habegger AG from Thun.