The new Habegger logo with the claim 'manufactured by Jakob' and a Habegger multi-purpose hoist
01. April 2021

Original Habegger made by Jakob

Habegger fully integrated into Jakob Rope Systems

In April 2021, Habegger Maschinenfabrik AG will become an integral part of the hoisting and lifting department of Jakob Rope Systems. The fusion of both companies unites the production of wire ropes and hoists under one roof. By retaining all Habegger employees, Jakob guarantees the high quality of Original Habegger products and services.

Already in 2016, Jakob Rope Systems acquired the renowned Habegger Maschinenfabrik AG. In April 2021, both companies will fully merge. In spring 2022, Habegger will move from Thun into a purpose-built extension of the Jakob headquarters in Trubschachen.

Habegger: a part of Swiss industrial tradition

Habegger was founded in 1943 by the pioneering cable car inventor Willy Habegger. In 1951 he inventend the multi-purpose wire rope hoist which was produced in Thun. Thanks to its high quality and continuous development, the name Habegerr is today synonymous with wire rope hoists. In 1981, the cable car business was sold and Habegger focussed on the production of the manual and motorized wire rope hoists.

In 2016, Jakob Rope Systems acquired Habegger. The company strategy was diversified and re-oriented on long-term success. With the investment into modern production facilities and orientation on current demands, new markets opened up.

‘Made in Switzerland’ continues

Habegger Maschinenfabrik AG will be integrated into the Hoisting and Lifting department of Jakob Rope Systems. Jakob produces wire ropes and wire meshes and is present worldwide in the sectors of architecture and hoisting and lifting.

With the merger of Habegger, Jakob’s hoisting and lifting department becomes unique and versatile. Besides know-how about planning and maintenance, a vast range of products and an efficient customization unit, the new department creates a high added value. From fibre and wire ropes, over CNC production to the locksmith unit, most of the production is done in-house and thus ‘made in Switzerland’. This, and the continued employment of the full Habegger team, ensures continuity and relied high quality.

Habegger product range


Cover of catalog Habegger H2 Habegger Hoisting & Lifting Systems H2

Habegger – never lets you down. The legendary wire rope hoist manufactured by Jakob Rope Systems.

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