04. December 2020

Jakob and its partners

X-Line & Jakob Rope Systems Webnet in Sweden and Norway

Since 2019, X-Line is the partner and authorized distributor of Jakob Rope Systems in Sweden and Norway. Peder Wallmark tells us how he started his own business with Jakob.

Peder, since when do you work with Jakob?

We started doing business with Jakob in 2014. We were looking for a supplier of wire products for a fall protection system we had developed. When we started working with Jakob, we were part of another company which was bought by an investor. 

We were stuck in a company that was too large, where the focus was far too short-term and on quick financial results. In 2019, we were able to buy back the part of the Jakob business and started our own company, X-Line.

Why did you choose to deal with Jakob Rope Systems exclusively?

For me, it is very important that the product and the business go along with my values. Jakob has a unique range of stainless steel products in high quality. Therefore, I am very passionate about Jakob products. Webnet is my favourite. It has so many possibilities when it comes to bring together design, functionality and transparency.

The cooperation with Jakob allows us to focus on long-term goals and to develop sustainably. This way, we can concentrate on our current projects and help the customer in the best possible way without having to worry about quarterly figures.

How did you gain customers once you started your own business?

Obviously, we already had a number of contacts from our long experience within the Swedish construction scene. That helped. But today, you have to be present in the digital world.

From the beginning, we had a very clear idea about our target group - architects - and what we wanted to offer them. Most of them find us via the Jakob website, social media or other online platforms such as Architonic. They are attracted by the design, function and transparency Webnet offers, but they need technical information.

Was there anything specific you did to reach your target group?

Before the pandemic, we travelled and visited architects and contractors. Corona has emphasised that any marketing strategy today must focus on digital channels, as meetings in person have become so difficult.

Providing help and information online pays off. We invested in our website, x-line.se, recorded webinars, and sent out mailings and technical information to planners in Sweden and Norway. We distributed a printed brochure to 800 architects with an invitation to a webinar on greening. Now we see architects prescribing our products without asking for any further about technical details.

Our next step will be to provide information to contractors and blacksmiths. They are the ones who buy products and do the job. We plan to offer digital information and lots of webinars focusing on technical competence and practical exercises. Again, we try to reach them trough social media, email and direct mailings.

‘What you post online or on social media must match with how you work in the real world. Providing the best job for the customer creates credibility. This is the biggest success factor.’
– Peder Wallmark, X-Line

How did Jakob help you starting the business?

As already mentioned, Jakob’s products are unique. ‘Swiss company’ is a fantastic argument, but above all Jakob is a strong brand with reliable products. We feel proud to have the privilege of having a strong supplier who believes in us in the long term.

We have a strong brand behind us which is active on online and which helps us with marketing materials. If necessary, we translate it into Swedish and get our own touch that fits to our branding. Jakob helps us but leaves us the freedom to decide what works in our own market.

What is special about the Swedish market?

Every market has its own challenges, I guess. In Sweden, the demand for Jakob products is developing rapidly. The growing awareness of climate change, for example, raises great potential for greening solutions. There is also an increasing need for security and protection systems.

The next unique project that we have already started is to market Jakob’s products using virtual reality. An exciting project that will take marketing to new levels. More information about this project will come soon.

About Peder and X-Line

Together with his brother Jens, Peder Wallmark is the founder and owner of X-Line, distributor of Jakob products in Sweden and Norway. Before starting X-Line in 2019, he already worked with Jakob products at his previous employer.

Peder is happy to share his experience. You can contact him on LinkedIn or via peder@x-line.se.

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