A building with a facade greening by Jakob Rope Systems in Barcelona
18. May 2020

6 ways how a greening improves your architecture project

Greenings help the environment and save money. Six reasons why you should tink about integrating a greening in your architecture project.

Adapt to climate change

We all experience the impact of climate change every day: extreme weather events such as heat waves, droughts and intensive rains have become more frequent and science suggests this is likely to intensify.

What can we do to adapt to these events and what role does architecture play in it? Many experts see greening of buildings and other structures as a central piece in the response to the challenges posed by climate change, for example the city of Zurich in its master plan ‘heat reduction’.

According to the city of Zurich, greenings improve the urban environment by providing more green areas in the city while requiring little extra space. Especially ground-based greening is cost effective in terms of initial expenditure and care and it requires no elaborate supply of water and nutrients. A minimum investment in material delivers a high level of energetic benefit plus a long service life and low maintenance at the same time.

How exactly does a greening improve the efficency and the ecological impact of your structure? Read the six main benefits here.

Interior building temperature

A greening saves up to 30 % of energy due to evaporative cooling and shading.

Noise abatement in interior room

Reduction of noise exposure due to acoustic reflection and absorption. Research shows that green facades have a high potential to absorp noises.

Ecological balance

A plant cover protects the façade and other elements from the impact of extreme weather such as intensive rain or hail. The longer service life of the material results in a better ecological balance.

Sun protection

The degree of shading that can be achieved by a plant covering is variable and on a par with technical shading systems.


Pre-conditioning of the air and improvement of the air quality. Plants filter dust and CO2 and produce oxygen before the air enters the building.


Less attractive building parts can be hidden or improved by a greening or free spaces beautified.

Our service

Jakob Rope Systems plans, produces and installs plant supports with stainless steel cables and nets. For  demanding, extensive projects we collaborate with greening experts in order to develop the perfect technical and design solutions in each situation.

Our large portfolio of realized greening includes green façades, green walls, free standing structures and other greening projects. Contact us today and discover our services.


GreenSolutions G2 Technical

(Art. Nr. 90001-2) The program is presented in two parts. The catalog GreenSolutions Technical contains all wire rope products with their technical information for your greening project.

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Green Solutions G2 References

(Art. Nr. 90001-2) The program is presented in two parts. In the GreenSolutions reference brochure, you will find many real-world applications that show you the potential of greening.

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