Montage of the extension of Jakob Rope Systems headquarters in Trubschachen
27. March 2020

Habegger Maschinenfabrik AG moves to Trubschachen

Extension of Jakob Rope Systems

Following the completion of the new headquarters in 2019, Jakob Rope Systems plans a further extension and the move of Habegger Maschinenfabrik AG to Trubschachen.

Trubschachen, 2.3.2020

Jakob Rope Systems, the internationally successful manufacturer of wire ropes and stainless steel nets, is starting the next project to expand its headquarters in Trubschachen. Having sucessfully moved to its newly office building on the traditional site in 2019, the company has now submitted the building application for extending the new building. Construction is expected to begin in autumn 2020.

By 2021, the Götschimatte site will be replaced by an office and production complex adjoining the new building, into which Habegger Maschinenfabrik AG will move. In 2016, Jakob Rope Systems has taken over the traditional Thun-based company, which is renowned for wire rope hoists. After the move, a total of almost 100 employees of Jakob and Habegger AG will have their workplace in Trubschachen.

With the move, the synergies of the two firms can be used even better. Habegger Maschinenfabrik AG already uses Jakob ropes for its wire rope hoists. There are also many overlaps with Jakob Rope Systems in the customer and supplier base. With the physical merger of the two companies, the two firms will also be able to better exploit further existing potential for cooperation, particularly in the areas of production, logistics and sales.

“I am very pleased that we can realise the first company move to the upper Emmental in a long time. Together, the two companies have an enormous amount of potential that can be better exploited at a common location.” - Peter Jakob, CEO Jakob AG.

About Jakob Rope Systems

Jakob Rope Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of wire ropes and rope nets for architecture, bridge safety, animal enclosures, mountain railways and traffic as well as rope & lifting technology. The family business, founded in 1904 in Trubschachen, is managed in the third generation by Peter Jakob and employs 90 people in Trubschachen, 500 in Vietnam and 20 employees in Germany, France and the USA. In 2019, Jakob Rope Systems achieved a turnover of approximately 36 million Swiss francs.

About Habegger Maschinenfabrik AG

Habegger Maschinenfabrik AG from Thun is an internationally sucessful producer of wire rope hoisting machines. Since 1951, the HABEGGER hand hoisting machine is produced. In the 1990s, the company extended the product line to motor-powered machines. Further highlights of the range include a factory-owned production of milled and turned parts, personal safety kits and service and maintenance. The company currently employs 22 persons.


Cover of catalog Habegger H2 Habegger Hoisting & Lifting Systems H2

Habegger – never lets you down. The legendary wire rope hoist manufactured by Jakob Rope Systems.

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