Footbridge over the river Maggia with Jakob cables
09. October 2018

Inauguration of the footbridge over the Maggia

The bridge connects Moghegno with Maggia across the river of the same name. It is 120 metres long, cost 1.4 million Swiss francs and is suspended on a single pillar of 18 metres height. The community of Maggia hopes the elegant structure will encourage the use of non-motorised traffic by locals and tourists alike.


Jakob Robe Systems products integrate ideally with the modern design of the curved bridge. A sleeveless Webnet and steel cables provide security for pedestrians and cyclists on the 1.5 metre wide path. The extra-strong stranded wires of our Forte range give strength and stability to the suspension structure.


Webnet N2

(Art. Nr. 90001-42) Pliable, transparent grid structures made of stainless steel wire rope. On 84 pages, the Jakob Webnet N2 programme presents countless application possibilities.

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