Food counter at Jakob Saigon canteen
17. March 2020

Jakob Saigon Canteen

The canteen at the new Jakob Saigon plant is part of Jakob Saigon’s mission to provide exemplary workplaces.

Since the opening of Jakob Saigon in 2008, the vision of Jakob Rope Systems has been to be an ideal workplace that sets standards in the South East Asian region. With the opening of the canteen in the new factory, another part of this vision has become reality.

The modern, fully equipped and hygienic kitchen provides fresh meals free of charge. Staff can eat their meals in the ventilated cafeteria, in the shade of the green, plant-covered façade. After lunch, they can take a nap in the shade in one of the common areas. A number of other facilities are planned for the future.

For Peter Jakob, CEO of Jakob Rope Systems, the opening of the canteen is a happy moment: “It is so fantastic to see what we all, Jakob Saigon, Jakob Switzerland, architects and construction companies, achieved together. We did not choose the most comfortable way when we decided to make Jakob Saigon an outstanding factory in the region.

“Sometimes it was stressful but the result is simply amazing. It was a long journey until the beautiful factory was done and now the kitchen is open. We see happy Jakob Saigon people enjoying food for the first time from our own canteen. This makes me very happy.“