Habegger Cable Hoists

When heavy loads have to be moved safely and cost-effectively, original Habegger products are the first choice. Since 2021, Habegger is a part of Jakob Rope Systems.

In 1951, Willi Habegger invented the manual wire rope hoist. Since then, the term Habegger has become the label for a whole type of products. Today, Habegger manufactures wire rope hoists and offers products and services for the hoisting and lifting sector. In 2016, Jakob Rope Systems acquired Habegger and in 2021, the companies fully merged. Since 2022 we produce all wire rope hoists in Trubschachen.

The integration of Habegger extends Jakob’s range of hoisting and lifting technology. Besides fibre and wire ropes, chains, safety nets and personal protective equipment (PPE), we now also offer manual and motorized wire rope hoists.

Manual Hoists

The original HIT wire rope hoist, based on invention of Willy Habegger and continuously improved since 1951. All HIT wire rope hoists are based on the same functional principle: A wire rope of any length is guided through two pairs of clamping jaws in a straight line. When the drive lever is moved back and forth, the wire is moved forwards or backwards (according to the selection) smoothly and without slippage.

From the small and lightweight HIT-06 over the powerful yet compact allrounder HIT-16 up to the HIT-32 powerhouse with a pulling force in excess of 3 tonnes, the manual hoists are versatile and cover a range of uses.

Manual Habegger hoists

Motorized hoists

Motorized Habegger hoists are based on the same principle as the original wire rope hoist. The wire rope can be quickly and easily inserted and removed at any point along its length. There is no longer any need to go to the trouble of threading it in from one end.

New: Habegger HIT-TRAC 8A

Motorized Habegger HIT-TRAC wire rope hoists


We stock all necessary accessories to unleash the full potential of your Habegger HIT wire rope hoist. All accessories supplied by us are controlled and guaranteed for safe use with Habegger hoists.


Habegger: a global brand

The HIT wire rope hoists are renowned worlwide for their durability and efficiency. Find your local supplier of Habegger hoists here.


Comprehensive service solutions for hoisting and lifting

We stock all products for hoisting, lifting and securing. Jakob Rope Systems also offers advice and services for Habegger HIT wire rope hoists and the whole world of cables and lifting technology. Our sales team is happy to help and answer your questions. 



Habegger Rope Hoists

When heavy loads have to be moved safely and cost-effectively, Habegger rope hoists are the first choice.

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Habegger – never lets you down. The legendary wire rope hoist manufactured by Jakob Rope Systems.

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