Ittigen, Switzerland

A playful and elegant screen

Balcony Railing with Webnet ID

With the Webnet ID fillers, Jakob Rope Systems enhances the possibilities of Webnet.

Individual and Versatile: Logos, designs, patterns: the new Webnet ID plates by Jakob Rope Systems deliver all the benefits of Webnet with the additional advantage of being fully customisable. This example of a refurbished house in Ittigen, Switzerland, demonstrates one of many applications.

Webnet: Customisable Security

The stainless steel mesh Webnet by Jakob Rope Systems provides safety and a maximum of transparency and free view, for example on observations platforms or animal enclosures. In the case of balcony railings and terraces, security is equally important, but transparency is often not desired. Thanks to Webnet ID plates, Webnet frames are the perfect solution also in these cases. The plates can be clipped on and arranged individually creating fully customisable patterns, or, in this case, a screen with adjustable opacity. Design an individual pattern and add a personal touch to your building.

Coloured Creativity

Even regarding the colours there are no limits: Jakob Webnet Frames and Webnet ID are available in the whole RAL spectrum. You can order the Frames with your pattern, logo or lettering ready for assembly.