Waldkappel, Germany, 2018

Webnet protects not only humans

Bat fence

Bats are an endangered species. Webnet fences protect them from traffic accidents on the German highway.

The 17.4 kilometer section along the German A44 highway between Hessisch-Lichtenau and Waldkappel crosses a sensitive sanctuary which is the home of protected species such as the Greater mouse-eared bat and the Bechstein’s bat. A Webnet fence of 1.8 kilometers length and 4 meters heigh protects the animals from crossing the highway.

Safety for animals

The Webnet fences interfere with the echo sounding orientation of the bats and ensure that they fly over the highway in sufficient height. Thereby, they preven collisions between the animals and cars on the road. The barrier also directs other animals to the green bridges that allow them to safely cross the highway.

Robust stainless steel mesh

Webnet’s durability was decisive for choosing it as the fencing material. The stainless steel wire mesh is weather resistant and strong. The question of climbability was also an issue since wild cats live also in the sanctuary. A climbing prevention and its flexiblity ensure that it is impossible for them to get on the other side of the fence.