Bern, Switzerland

A unique aviary

Dählhölzli Owl Aviary

Ample space to spread their wings – the eagle and snowy owls aviary at the animal park Dählhölzli in Berne provides an appropriate habitat for the animals and many observation spots for visitors. Webnet is the perfect material the meet the conflictive demands in building aviaries and animal enclosures.

Caution! Air Traffic!

More than 750 square metres of space, a height of 10 metres, and separate enclosures for eagle and snowy owls result in much space for birds. An artificial rock and creeks provide a species-appropriate habitat for the flying animals. Old and new trees growing through the roof of the cage round off the aviary.

The area has much on offer, not only for the animals, but also for the visitors: a visitors’ tunnel crosses the aviary, cameras let visitors peek inside the birds’ nests and two lifting ramps provide lookouts at three metres height.

Unique in Switzerland

The main component of the aviary is a black dyed sleeveless Webnet. The stainless steel wire mesh is behind the successful marriage of the demands of animals, nature and visitors. The elegant and virtually transparent mesh offers free sight on the animals, its black colour rendering it almost unnoticeable for the human eye. The roof-web features holes for the trees, so that no trees had to be felled during construction works.

Jakob Rope Systems’ mechanics ensured the professional installation on site. The park’s director Bern Schildger is enthusiastic about the three million Swiss francs project: ‘This is a unique aviary in Switzerland’. The animals are also happy in their new home: in spring 2018, four young owls were born in the aviary.

Jakob products

Sleeveless Webnet, inox-spectral® black, Ø 2.5 mm, mesh 60 mm, 1'800 square metres
Sleeveless Webnet, inox-spectral®, Ø 2.5 mm, mesh 100 mm, 140 square metres
Lateral ropes, inox-spectral®, Ø 3.0 mm, 6x19 + WC