Solothurn, Switzerland, 2021

Floating room installation in the Attisholz-Areal

A filigree rope structure designs the interior of a factory hall. The floating installation greatly enhances the quality and function of the rooms. The aim of the designers was to realize a light and reduced room separation.

The room installation made of fabric panels hung like a floating cloud in the Attisholz-Areal near Solothurn. This is where the fib Conceptual Design Symposium took place in September 2021. An international meeting for scientists and practitioners from engineering, architecture and other disciplines on the subject of building design. An ideal stage to install a construction made of fabric panels and Jakob suspension ropes in front of an international audience in the interior of a former industrial hall.

For the suspension of the filigree structure, Jakob Rope Systems supplied 5 millimetre thick main suspension ropes (6 × 7 + WC) including anchorages. Jakob Rope Systems also integrated the lifting device for raising and lowering the structure for this project. The installation of the rope structure took place in September 2021. Jakob has accompanied the planning for the design and realization over several months since spring 2021.

The special feature of the floating installation is its filigree design, which divides the space of the industrial hall from above with semi-transparent fabric panels. The discreet stainless steel ropes support the curved fabric panels over a span of around 100 metres. The designers' aim was to make the entire structure as light and reduced as possible.

The installation of the rope structure is adjustable in height. The structure can be lowered via the integrated lifting device. This facilitated the pulling up of the fabric panels during installation. The finished structure was then raised to the desired height. For three days, it hovered at a height of 10 meters above the guests of the event.

Details and geometry:

11 main support ropes: Ø 5 mm, stainless steel, 6 × 7 + WC
Lifting device: Jakob lifting winch (Jakob 30332 series)

Photos: Shuaizhong Wang / Ueli Oskar Brunner

Jakob products and services:

  • Consulting on design and statics
  • Installation of the rope structure, anchorages and lifting device