Zurich, Switzerland

A vertical green island

Greenwall Sihlcity

The 600 square metres plant support (25 × 24 m) is a successful example of façade greening with Jakob Rope Systems. A facade greening has many positive effects on the interior temperature of the building and increases the diversity of species and air quality in urban areas.

The horizontally tensioned stainless steel strands constitute the primary climber training support structure; the vertical stainless steel trainer ropes are attached to the support structure with special clamps. Tension relief devices at the rope end connectors prevent excessive loads on the steelwork. Since the planting year, the climber plants have flourished and reached the top of this car park facade.

Sihlcity is a new quarter in the south of Zurich. On over 100.000 square metres it offers restaurants, bars, cafés, cinemas, a cultural centre, a discotheque, a health and wellness area, a hotel, a shopping centre as well as service areas and city apartments.

Architects: raderschallpartner AG, landscape architects, Meilen

Jakob products

Cables Ø 5.0 mm
Stranded wires Ø 12.0 mm