Lucerne, Switzerland, 2021

Indoor greening welcomes visitors

A vertical wall planting by our customer Hydroplant designs the reception area of offices in Lucerne. Webnet creates a discreet trellis for the plants that grow upwards.

Initial situation and concept:

More green for the reception area. This is exactly what our client Hydroplant AG (Zürich) created for the interiors of a Swiss accident insurer in Lucerne. They wanted vertical greenery combined with functional elements: water dispensers, storage compartments, coffee machine. These are the elements that make waiting in a reception area pleasant.

It was important for the indoor greening to have the lowest possible service and maintenance requirements. At the same time, it was important to create conditions for optimal growth of the integrated plants. Based on these requirements, Hydroplant worked with the interior designer (UNIT Architekten AG) to develop a solution integrated as furniture. Our stainless steel mesh Webnet forms the climbing structure for the greenery that grows upwards.

Design and implementation:

The base of the greenery consists of a black wooden furniture, which extends the entire length of one wall. In the furniture are integrated a plant trough with substrate, which always has a small water level as a reserve. Watering is done automatically by drip irrigation inside the substrate. Since little daylight enters the room, Hydroplant additionally equipped the greenery with a special LED plant light.

To give the total of twelve climbing plants plenty of room to grow, Jakob Rope Systems supplied a custom-made Webnet structure for this project, which is integrated into the piece of furniture with a wall clearance of 100 millimeters. Since no fastening was provided in the plant trough, the suspension of the Webnet structure was attached by edge elements above the trough.

Details and geometry:

  • Webnet construction with wall distance of 100 mm
  • Mesh termination by GreenGuide spacers above the plant trough
  • Additional fastening via grooved Webnet C-rails
  • Interior design: UNIT Architekten AG

(Fotos: Hydroplant AG)

Jakob products and services:

  • Coordination for the integration of the edge structure and Webnet structure with Hydroplant AG
  • Production and assembly of Webnet and edge trim
  • Webnet micro: Ø 2 mm rope, mesh size 120 mm
  • Webnet C-rail, as well as GreenGuide spacer + Ø 10 mm round bar