Limone sul Garda, Italy, 2019

A cyclist’s dream in a cyclist’s dreamland

Lake Garda Cycle Path

Cycling, sun, a lake… what could be better for cyclists than the combination of pedalling followed by some dolce vita afterwards?

The cycle path between Limone sul Garda and Corno di Reamol, opened in July 2018, offers ample opportunity to enjoy both. Due to the limited space available between the rocks and the shore, a complicated supporting structure was created over which the cycle path runs. In places the path hovers 50 metres above the lake.

Trapped between the lake and the mountains, the path offers spectacular views of the landscape of Lake Garda. No wonder it is considered one of the most beautiful cycle paths in Europe.

Safe view: Webnet railing infills

Webnet fits into this overall concept. The stainless steel net is used here as a railing along the cycle path and is convincing in several respects. As a railing material, Webnet is stable and safe and serves as a reliable fall protection. At the same time, the net made of wire ropes is impressive because of its lightness and transparency: it is virtually invisible to the cyclist passing by and allows an unrestricted view of the beauty of the landscape.

Finally, the mesh is virtually maintenance-free and durable. The advantage of the material stainless steel is particularly evident in outdoor use. For cycle paths, spectacular cliff walks or vantage points: Webnet offers aesthetically convincing and economical solutions to make nature even more tangible.