Basel, Switzerland, 2018

Fiber rope net and stainless steel net modern net structures for playgrounds

Playground, Lange Erlen Basel

Climbing, balancing, feeling, listening – a paradise for kids opened in 2018. The playground Lange Erlen in Basel shows on over 3000 square metres what an innovative playground looks like. The use of hemp and steel net structures is particularly striking.

The playground takes inspiration from the nearby zoo and demonstrates the creative use of modern rope nets in playground construction: in a climbable bird’s nest, a covered anthill or as a spiderweb. The net construction does not only provide security, but is a central element of the playing experience.

Around 450 square metres of nets were used in this model project. The playground uses a combination of fibre net and the stainless steel net Webnet to combine a pleasant feel with safety and minimal maintenance. The fibre net consists of Herkules roap meaning that each strand has a core of steel wire that provides longevity and protection against vandalism. At the same time, the wires stiffen the net and support the structure. Each strand is fully covered by a fibre coat to ensure grip and minimise accidents.

The Swiss manufacturer Jakob Rope Systems produces a wide variety of nets for any purpose. Nets can be tailor made to suit different needs and complex geometries and enhances the possibilities when designing playgrounds and public spaces. Architects and designers increasingly choose the stainless steel rope net Webnet. The durable net structure is suited for indoor and outdoor use. It is pliable and provides long-life performance at minimal maintenance costs.

The stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and weatherproof even in stormy and wintry conditions. These qualities make Webnet a safe and reliable solution for many applications: from an elegant railing infill to a plant support or, as in this case, a central part of creative playground design. Jakob Rope Systems also provides the full range of services, from planning over production to the final installation of your project.

Jakob products

Webnet Ø 2.0 mm, mesh 40 mm, 360 square metres
Fibre net made from Herkules ropes Ø 16.0 mm, mesh ca. 100 x 100 mm, 100 square metres
Planning, modelling, production and final installation of the net structure