Wettingen, Switzerland

Bridge safety with Webnet Frames

Limmat bridge, Wettingen

The bridge, constructed in 1922, spans the Limmat between Baden AG and Wettingen.

The footpath next to the tracks is a popular and direct connection between the two towns. From 2014 to 2015, the city of Baden and the community of Wettingen enlarged the path so that cyclists can use it, too. In the course of the renovation, the old and rusted wire mesh railings were replaced with dyed Webnet Frames Inviss C.

Webnet Frames are readymade for quick and easy installation in situ. Thanks to the possibility to colour the frames and the net in different colours, many design options are possible. Finally, the stainless steel construction is extremely resistant to corrosion and hence requires little maintenance.

Builder: City of Baden, Civil Engineering / Community of Wettingen

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176 Webnet Frames, Inviss C, dyed in RAL 7010