Cham, Switzerland

Transparent and secure

Nursing Home Ennetsee

A beautiful home that allows living independently in old age: this is possible in the new building of the nursing home Ennetsee. The Webnet Frames solutions by Jakob Rope Systems underline the simple and plain architectural style.

The new building demonstrates the versatility of Webnet Frames: all balconies are fitted with Webnet Frames with small mesh apertures. Meshes with wider mesh apertures secure the parts of the building that require higher safety standards without impairing the free view. The Inviss Frames make the design particularly elegant.

Secure dementia ward

The nursing home has opened a dementia ward in the highest storey. From the big kitchen, the inhabitants can access the terrace directly. Here, a garden of the senses allows them to train their tactile sense. The dementia patients can access the terrace without supervision. Therefore, two different types of Webnet Frames by Jakob Rope Systems provide the necessary security. The Webnet with wider meshes is an additional fall protection that prevents patients from walking away or climbing on the roof unnoticed. The resistant and sturdy Webnet allows for many uses, inside and outside. As a separative element, fall protection, railing or climbing aid for plants – it adapts to the needs of your project.

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