Aarau, Switzerland

A modern pergola

Pavilion Einstein Pergola, Aarau

Steel cables are not only suitable for the greening of façades. Pavilions and pergolas can also provide green islands in the city.

This pavilion on Aarau’s Einstein square is only one example for the many possibilities to provide additional green through steel rope structures by Jakob Rope Systems. Steel cables mounted between the steel girders serve as a support for climbing plants such as roses and wisterias. They create a pleasant, shadowy space in summer that provides a welcome green element in the otherwise impervious courtyard. In two to three years, the plants will have fully overgrown the pavilion and finish the transformation of the former uninviting backyard into an attractive piazza.

Greening improves urban areas: The project initiated by the Aargauer Neue Bank and the AZ Medienhaus AG demonstrates the many advantages of greening in the urban space. The square has gained attractiveness, not only through the aesthetic improvement, but also through the shadow provided by the plants, the increased biodiversity and a better microclimate.

Jakob products for all types of greening

Jakob Rope Systems supplies the whole range of greening solutions. Its stainless steel ropes and cables, the Greenguide rope guides and the stainless steel mesh Webnet provide many options and combinations for greening and plant supports.