Interlaken, Switzerland, 2018

Ropes park ascendant again

Ropes Park Interlaken

In early 2018, a storm almost destroyed the ropes park in Interlaken. But only four months later, it reopened

The storm ‘Burglind’ caused a lot of damage in Switzerland, but it hit the park especially hard: only one of the ten courses remained undamaged, out of 130 trees only about twenty remained. For a short period, even the existence of the park as a whole was threatened. Thanks to generous support and solidarity from the public, the park was rebuilt on the neighbouring ground within months. The destruction, despite all the pain, also created room for new ideas: the full experience of the past years in running the park benefitted the design of the new area.

Visitors can now test their skills on the ten new courses with different levels from easy to very hard. For kids and families, there are specially designed courses. Ropes and nets by Jakob Rope Systems guarantee thrill and safety throughout the park. The whole range of rope products and nets are used in the park: from traditional fibre ropes to steel cables for Tyroliennes and anchorings.

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