Aarau, Switzerland

The hanging gardens of Aarau

Station Courtyards, Aarau

Climbing aids out of steel ropes bring green even to places where there is little space for plants

During the second phase of the reconstruction of Aarau station, new flats were built that surround four greened courtyards. A glass wall separates the courtyard from the station area. The greening consists of primary ropes and plant support ropes: two horizontal primary ropes cross each courtyard. The suspended support ropes form an X that provide a climbing aid for various types of plants.

The project demonstrates the versatility of Jakob Rope Systems’s steel ropes for largescale greenings. The greening provides an additional separation of the housing area from the busy station. The plants will climb to the top of the ropes, create a pleasant microclimate, and provide shade. The X-shape of the suspension results in an interesting spatial structure. Finally, the plants provide some green in the otherwise grey station area that is also visible from the platforms.

Architects: Theo Hotz Partner, Zurich
Landscape architects: raderschallpartner ag, Meilen

Jakob products

Supporting ropes Ø 14.0 mm
Plant support ropes Ø 6.0 mm