Basel, Switzerland, 2016

Railings made from Jakob Webnet Frames

Transitlager Münchenstein

In the south of Basel, the rebuilt ‘Transitlager’ warehouse resembles a magnificent ship. The additional three-storey structure has sharply pointed ends, and each level is secured with Jakob Webnet Frames which perfectly complement the blend of old industrial buildings and modern architecture that characterises this new quarter.

An industrial quarter is reborn

The Dreispitz area in the south of Basel is undergoing a huge transformation, as the former industrial zone with its duty-free bonded warehouses makes way for living, working, learning, art and culture spaces. Apartments are being built above the existing industrial and commercial site, creating a desirable space for urban living. Their design takes inspiration from the rebuilding of the Transitlager, which was completed in 2016.

Danish architects BIG were responsible for rebuilding the Transitlager, and the result is a space twice the size of the former warehouse. They have transformed a building once used for storing imported cars into a residential and commercial space. The architects have created a lightweight three-storey design resembling a lightening bolt which sits on top of the existing four-storey steel structure; the original part of the building now houses offices, studios and commercial premises, while the new three-storey structure above the ‘ship’s deck’ consists exclusively of apartments.

As architect Bjarke Ingels reveals on the project website, the guiding principle during reconstruction was to preserve the unique character and vastness of the industrial building as far as possible.

Webnet’s versatility

By contrast, classical principles shaped the design of the new apartments: five smaller units sit at oblique angles above the original structure, allowing sunlight to shine on four sides. This diagonal design enables the creation of various private terraces, all with spectacular views.

All the terraces are secured with Webnet Frames by Jakob Rope Systems. Webnet is an almost transparent railing infill which lets as much light in as possible and creates uninterrupted views for residents. A major benefit of Webnet is that it suits any design, whether old or new, rustic or elegant, steel or concrete. It perfectly complements this expressive building without interfering with the overall impression it creates. Moreover, just like the building itself Webnet is versatile: while it is being used in the Transitlager as railing infill, in other locations it can be used as a dividing element, a climbing support for plants or as fall protection for bridges or helicopter pads.

Jakob products

1108 Webnet Frames Inviss C 30 x 30 mm, Webnet rope Ø 1.5 mm, mesh aperture 40 mm

Webnet Frames

Webnet Frames are frames with a pre-installed wire rope mesh. Made on measure they can be quickly installed at the site of installation. The Webnet Frames are made out ot high quality stainless steel which guarantees durability. Jakob Rope Systems supplies the Webnet Frames in different shapes and sizes, with round or squared profiles – always optimised for the need of the relevant project.