Berne, Switzerland

Suspension structure in Switzerland’s capital

Wankdorf roundabout, Bern

An elegant 60 x 60 meter suspension rope structure that hovers over the new two-level roundabout in Switzerland‘s capital.

Road traffic is routed on two separate levels. The key feature of the functional and aesthetic solution: four corner pylons with the suspension rope grid that carries the 2 x 2 meter lighting units. The design constitutes a new urban landmark in the northern part of Berne.


Builder: Civil Engineering Dept., District II, Canton of Berne
Architects: 3B Architekten, Berne

Jakob products

Stainless steel stranded wire, Ø 10 mm, ca. 2.100 m
Stainless steel cable 6 x 19, Ø 10 mm, 324 mm