Pfäffikon, Switzerland, 2015

Greenings make buildings popular

Webnet Greening Pfäffikon

Greenings make every building unique and recognisable.

To realise the greening of this office building, Jakob Rope Systems developed a solution with suspended Webnet meshes as plant supports. At the first floor level, a surrounding bed enables a ground-based greening.

The advantages are obvious: more green results in a more beautiful environment and makes the office building easily recognisable. Besides other positive effects regarding biodiversity and aesthetics, there are also many practical reasons in favour of façade greenings. The shadow and evaporative cooling of the plants help to climatize the building and save energy costs.

During the first year after installation or in winter, when there is no green, Webnet’s aesthetic qualities ensure the façade is good looking. The sleeveless and black-coloured variety used here is even more unobtrusive and cannot be spotted against the dark glass. The stainless steel mesh is perfect on any façade – with or without greening.

Jakob products

Black Webnet, Ø 4.0 mm, Mesh size 400 mm, 800 square meters