Bad Wildbad, Germany, 2018

Webnet tames wild bridge

Wildline Bridge

Just cross the bridge… Many a bold visitor was happy to be guarded by a Webnet railing on this suspension bridge

They call the Wildline suspension bridge in the Black Forrest the ‘Bridge of the Brave’. Why? You will realize after you have taken the first steps on the bridge yourself and the suspension bridge begins to swing slightly. Then even hardened visitors are grateful for the attached railings made out of Webnet by Jakob Rope Systems.

The construction of the bridge adds to the thrill: it is the only bridge of its kind in Europe with an upwards suspension, meaning that it mounts towards the middle. If you enter the bridge, you have to make a step into the unknown, as you do not see the opposite end but only a slight increase up to the highest point. For the bridge’s initiator Günter Eberhard, this is the main point: ‘In this way, new and exciting insights and outlooks open up again and again.’

Once in the middle, the visitor stands almost 60 metres above the ground. If you still feel a little uncomfortable, the operators advise you to get down on your knees so that your body can compensate for the slight bobbing, take a deep breath and then do not look down through the gratings, but enjoy the view. It falls on an idyllic Black Forest valley with more than hundred-year-old fir trees. 

Thanks to the stainless steel net Webnet, visitors can enjoy these moments without worries. The elegant mesh by Jakob Rope Systems completes the elegant bridge construction and serves as a railing. Safety and durability were the key criteria for selecting Webnet, since it is extremely weather-resistant even against strong storms and fluctuations in temperature. Thanks to its flexibility, the net can adapt to the vibrations of the bridge. And the unmatched transparency allows a free view to visitors in wheelchairs and children in pushchairs, who can also experience the soft swing in airy heights.