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12. October 2021
Rank columns green courtyard in Freiburg

A vertical greening architecture by Jakob Rope Systems creates sustainable quality of stay for the inner courtyard of an office complex in Freiburg. The implemented concept of supporting ropes and tendril structures is a template that can also be integrated in other places.

Project description
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06. October 2021
4 points for successful greening

For the greening of facades, Jakob Rope Systems implemented a ground-based vine structure in Glattpark (Opfikon). Today, after ten years of growth, the greenery unfolds an impressive splendor. We draw a conclusion and give important tips.

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21. September 2021
Webnet Evo: New patterns for architecture

Lively shapes and clear lines. Webnet Evo brings new structures to architecture. With this, architects and designers use complex mesh patterns and designs for a wide range of architectural applications. This creates more design freedom for the integration of stainless steel mesh in exterior and interior areas.


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