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28. August 2023
Webnet facade combines art and safety

Jakob Webnet spans the facade of a new parking lot at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney. The project combines safety and aesthetics. A colorful artwork is integrated as part of the design.

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21. August 2023
GreenBlock: High-load bracket for ETICS facades

For the greening of insulated facades Jakob Rope Systems has developed the thermally separated high-load bracket GreenBlock. This allows the trellis structures Webnet and GreenTrellis to be optimally pre-installed and also retrofitted.

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27. July 2023
New service: Parametric design for tendril structures

Tendril structures in novel organic shapes with depth effect. This is made possible by a new service from Jakob Rope Systems. The key is parametric design integrated into a digital planning process.

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20. June 2023
Tensegrity structure with Jakob ropes

The TenCylindre was unveiled at the 2021 watch exhibition in Geneva. Jakob ropes give the complex tensegrity structure rigidity with minimal weight. The structure was developed by an international team of architects, engineers and researchers.

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27. April 2023
Green courtyards with climbing structures

How can rope and net structures be used for the greening of courtyards and atriums? What shapes and dimensions are possible? And what needs to be considered? Our answers to the most important questions about greening with climbing structures.

News Jakob Sustainability
10. March 2023
Jakob Saigon: E-scooter fleet launches

Jakob Rope Systems provides e-scooters to employees in Vietnam. With the fleet of twelve e-scooters, we support e-mobility and want to contribute to the reduction of traffic-related emissions.


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