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22. March 2024
A green shade roof for Grenchen

Jakob Rope Systems has developed a case study for a green shade roof over the market square in Grenchen. Rudolf Lehmann explains the idea behind the design.

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07. December 2023
Jakob builds a suspension bridge in St. Moritz

A new suspension bridge for St. Moritz: Jakob Rope Systems was commissioned to plan, supply and install the lightweight structure made of steel ropes and Webnet. Another bridge construction project in which our Webnet is integrated as a safety and load-bearing structure.

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09. November 2023
ETA certificate for Forte rope tension parts

The rope tension parts in our Forte product line have been awarded the ETA seal of approval. This certifies the tensile limit values of our Forte components.

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20. October 2023
Green facade with integrated fire protection

For the greening of a listed building, our customer Hydroplant developed a solution with GreenTrellis tendril structure and integrated fire protection.

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05. October 2023
LivingRope: Plants on a rope

LivingRope is a wire rope construction from which planters are suspended and watered fully automatically. This new system solves the question of how to realize a facade greening with the fastest possible result.

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03. October 2023
Webnet protects sports field on roof

For the fencing of the rooftop sports field at New York's St. Lukes School, the architects chose Webnet. This creates a high-quality combination of security and transparency.

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28. August 2023
Webnet facade combines art and safety

Jakob Webnet spans the facade of a new parking lot at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney. The project combines safety and aesthetics. A colorful artwork is integrated as part of the design.

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News GreenSolutions
21. August 2023
GreenBlock: High-load bracket for ETICS facades

For the greening of insulated facades Jakob Rope Systems has developed the thermally separated high-load bracket GreenBlock. This allows the trellis structures Webnet and GreenTrellis to be optimally pre-installed and also retrofitted.

News RopeLab GreenSolutions
27. July 2023
New service: Parametric design for tendril structures

Tendril structures in novel organic shapes with depth effect. This is made possible by a new service from Jakob Rope Systems. The key is parametric design integrated into a digital planning process.

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20. June 2023
Tensegrity structure with Jakob ropes

The TenCylindre was unveiled at the 2021 watch exhibition in Geneva. Jakob ropes give the complex tensegrity structure rigidity with minimal weight. The structure was developed by an international team of architects, engineers and researchers.

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27. April 2023
Green courtyards with climbing structures

How can rope and net structures be used for the greening of courtyards and atriums? What shapes and dimensions are possible? And what needs to be considered? Our answers to the most important questions about greening with climbing structures.

News Jakob Sustainability
10. March 2023
Jakob Saigon: E-scooter fleet launches

Jakob Rope Systems provides e-scooters to employees in Vietnam. With the fleet of twelve e-scooters, we support e-mobility and want to contribute to the reduction of traffic-related emissions.

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21. February 2023
Stainless steel nets and ropes wrap two lake structures

Surfaces covered with Webnet give the steel buildings on Lake Geneva a special openness. The technically sophisticated steel architecture integrates Jakob nets and ropes as discreet facade and railing elements.

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News Hoisting and Lifting
31. January 2023
New: Your partner for rope and lifting technology

From now on we will also be your direct contact for Habegger wire rope hoists in Austria. Thus we serve you with the extensive range of manual wire rope hoists and motor wire rope hoists.

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14. December 2022
Bright Ropes spread festive glow

Completely without electricity, Bright Ropes provide special lighting atmosphere in cities and municipalities. Made of stainless steel ropes, they could be a supplement to conventional Christmas lighting in cities.

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22. November 2022
Rope bridge opened at Balmberg

With the new rope bridge on the Balmberg, Jakob Rope Systems was entrusted with the factory planning, delivery and installation of a lightweight structure made of steel ropes and Webnet. The bridge construction is durable and blends discreetly into the rocky landscape of the Jura Höhenweg.

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25. August 2022
Brissago: Green islands in public space

The green islands for public space invite to linger. The flat-topped Webnet structure with climbing plants casts a cooling shadow on the seating underneath.

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27. June 2022
Arc Award nominates Jakob Saigon

Our Green Factory in Saigon has been nominated for the Arc Award 2022 . With this architecture award, the Schweizer Baudokumentation annually honors outstanding buildings. Find here the online voting.

News Jakob Sustainability
13. June 2022
We are a member of swisscleantech

Jakob Rope Systems supports the development of a climate-friendly economy. To this end, we join the Swiss business association swisscleantech. We have always established ecologically sustainable processes at our manufacturing sites.

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04. April 2022
Forte: Elegant tension elements for lightweight structures

The Forte product line connects ropes and tension rod systems in stainless steel. This provides a wide range of components with uniform dimensions which can be combined. This premium range enables architectural solutions which carry high loads yet are slender in design.

Reference Webnet
09. February 2022
Stairways secured with stainless steel mesh

Bright rooms and an exciting incidence of light. Webnet adds special accents to the staircases of a school building in Vienna. The installed stainless steel nets create safety and at the same time support the natural light incidence in the building.

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25. January 2022
Indoor greening welcomes visitors

A vertical wall planting by our customer Hydroplant designs the reception area of offices in Lucerne. Webnet creates a discreet trellis for the plants that grow upwards.

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06. January 2022
Webnet micro: Transparent protection over Zurich's tracks

The Negrellisteg in Zurich offers pedestrians a special view of the surrounding urban area when crossing the tracks. The architects solved the discreet overthrow protection at the bridge with Webnet micro.

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News Hoisting and Lifting
25. November 2021
Jakob rope work on the Grimselpass

The construction of the new Spitallamm replacement dam is a special project in a high alpine location in the Bernese Oberland. Jakob Rope Systems is supporting this construction project with work in the field of hoisting and lifting technology.

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11. November 2021
Webnet on the treetop path in Laax

Graubünden is home to one of the longest treetop trails in the world. With a length of 1.56 kilometres and a height of 28 metres, the "Senda dil Dragun" is a unique natural experience. Jakob Rope Systems was allowed to integrate the stainless steel net Webnet for this project.

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27. October 2021
Colored ropes secure staircase in Canada

Jakob stainless steel ropes and a little more color create a unique example that safety barriers don't have to be boring. Our Canadian partner "Rope and Cable Canada" supported this project.

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Reference GreenSolutions
12. October 2021
Rank columns green courtyard in Freiburg

A vertical greening architecture by Jakob Rope Systems creates sustainable quality of stay for the inner courtyard of an office complex in Freiburg. The implemented concept of supporting ropes and tendril structures is a template that can also be integrated in other places.

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News Webnet
21. September 2021
Webnet Evo: New patterns for architecture

Lively shapes and clear lines. Webnet Evo brings new structures to architecture. With this, architects and designers use complex mesh patterns and designs for a wide range of architectural applications. This creates more design freedom for the integration of stainless steel mesh in exterior and interior areas.

Blog Hoisting and Lifting
02. September 2021
Optimized for load capacity: Snow groomer winch ropes in use

Only as thick as a ballpoint pen in diameter, they carry the full weight of a snow groomer on a steep slope. Snow groomer winch ropes are the tough workhorses in the wide range of ropes at Jakob Rope Systems. Their special design gives the ropes maximum load-bearing capacity and smooth running characteristics. Jakob rope experts Konstantin Kühner and Marcel Meier talk in this interview.

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11. August 2021
Wire rope art at Goodwood Festival

What actually happens to the many Jakob ropes that leave our production facility in Trubschachen to destinations all over the world? A special project with wire ropes from Trubschachen was installed at the Goodwood Festival in the UK this summer.

Reference Hoisting and Lifting
04. August 2021
On the roofs of Bern

For three years now, our hoisting and lifting department has been able to install and maintain fall protection systems on various buildings for a customer with properties in Bern.

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Image collage of the headquarters of Seilerei Wüstner in the 1880s, the Wüstner and Jakob logo and the project OMV in Vienna
News Jakob
29. January 2021
Jakob Rope Systems and Seilerei Wüstner united

Austrian Seilerei Wüstner becomes fully a part of Jakob Rope Systems.


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