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Berner KMU Award
News Jakob
13. June 2021
Nomination für Berner KMU Award

Vier Unternehmen sind für den Berner KMU Award 2021 nominiert. Es freut uns sehr, dass Peter Jakob mit Jakob Rope Systems mitdabei ist. Alle vier Nominierten setzen sich entweder als «waschechte» Gewerbler mit viel Herzblut für die Berner KMU-Wirtschaft ein und / oder haben sich jahrelang aktiv im und für den kantonalen Gewerbeverband eingesetzt. Mehr Informationen zum Preis sind zu finden unter

Der Gewinner des Awards wird mittels Online-Voting ermittelt. Wir freuen uns über jede Stimme!

Visualization of the Google headquarters (c) by BIG Bjarke Ingels Group
News Webnet
20. April 2021
Jakob supplies precision made Webnet for Google headquarters

Jakob Rope Systems supplies Webnet mesh for the future headquarters of the search giant designed by BIG Bjarke Ingels Group and Heatherwick Studio.

The new Habegger logo with the claim 'manufactured by Jakob' and a Habegger multi-purpose hoist
News Hoisting and Lifting
01. April 2021
Habegger fully integrated into Jakob Rope Systems

In April 2021, Habegger Maschinenfabrik AG will become an integral part of the hoisting and lifting department of Jakob Rope Systems. The fusion of both companies unites the production of wire ropes and hoists under one roof. By retaining all Habegger employees, Jakob guarantees the high quality of Original Habegger products and services.

Visualisation of a possible greening on the Roter Platz in Solothurn
News GreenSolutions
19. February 2021
Jakob proposes greening project for Solothurn

The redesign of the Roter Platz is a debated topic in Solothurn. Jakob Rope Systems has used the occasion to make a suggestion to greate a public green space in the center of the Swiss town.

  • The entry of Jakob Saigon on Tet 2021
  • Men sitting around a dinner table during a banquet
  • Women sitting around a dinner table during a banquet
  • Jakob Saigon employees on stage receiving awards for their 10 years jubilee
  • Jakob Saigon employees on stage receiving awards for their 10 years jubilee
  • Jakob Saigon employees on stage receiving awards for their 10 years jubilee
News Jakob
27. January 2021
Tết Celebrations at Jakob Saigon

Almost 400 colleagues at Jakob Saigon celebrated the annuary Tết festival with a ceremony and a banquet. Several employees received awards for 10 years working for Jakob Saigon. Xin chúc mừng và cảm ơn!

A GreenSolutions Webnet Frame with a greening in front of a concrete wall
News GreenSolutions
19. January 2021
New: GreenSolutions installation videos

Support for our customers: installation videos for our greening systems GreenGuide, GreenTrellis, Webnet and Webnet Frames.

A man entering a door within the green facade of Jakob Saigon factory
News Jakob
04. January 2021
Jakob Saigon wins two awards

Jakob Saigon has won two prizes as ‘building of the year’ and ‘green building of the year’ by the leading Vietnamese construction magazine Ashui.

Aerial view of the aviary embedded into the mountain landscape
Blog Webnet
09. December 2020
Webnet made to measure for animal enclosures and aviaries

An aviary that blends into its surroundings. The secret to this: a precisely tailored stainless steel mesh by Jakob Rope Systems. This allows direct installation on site and perfectly planned structures.

Blog Jakob
04. December 2020
X-Line & Jakob Rope Systems Webnet in Sweden and Norway

Since 2019, X-Line is the partner and authorized distributor of Jakob Rope Systems in Sweden and Norway. Peder Wallmark tells us how he started his own business with Jakob.

Image montage of the SKET machine then and now
Blog Jakob
09. November 2020
East Germany Lives on in Trubschachen

30 years ago, the GDR ended. But a machine made in GDR still produces wire ropes for Jakob.

Construction of cable framework
News Jakob
22. October 2020
Jakob supports research in new concrete construction methods

Jakob has been honoured to support research into new construction methods for concrete. The Block Research Group at ETH Zurich used Jakob cables to create a flexible formwork for a curved concrete roof. The HiLo roof is situated on top of NEST, the test site of Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Sciences.

Image collage of the meshes of Webnet and of a chain link fence
Blog Webnet
12. October 2020
Webnet vs. Chain Link Mesh

At a first glance, Webnet looks not very different from a common chain link mesh. A closer look reveals how wire rope meshes differ from chain link meshes.

  • Ambassador Sieber and Consul Maier talking to a Jakob employee
  • Consul Martin Maier, Ambassador Ivo Sieber, and a Jakob employee
News Jakob
15. July 2020
Swiss ambassador visits Jakob Saigon

We were very honoured by the visit of ambassador Ivo Sieber and the Swiss consul general at Ho Chi Minh City, Martin Maier, at our new factory in Saigon. Both were very impressed by the innovative architecture and green facade of our new headquarters. 

Beat and Joshua Kobel on an old fiber rope machine
Blog Jakob
13. July 2020
Once rope maker, today textile technologist

Why an apprenticeship as a rope maker at Jakob Rope Systems is still a good decision today. A former and a current apprentice tell us.

A building with a facade greening by Jakob Rope Systems in Barcelona
Blog GreenSolutions
18. May 2020
6 ways how a greening improves your architecture project

Greenings help the environment and save money. Six reasons why you should tink about integrating a greening in your architecture project.

Ropes made out of various fibers in grey, red and blue
Blog Hoisting and Lifting
30. April 2020
Dyneema vs Aramid

High-strength fibre rope technologies has made advances in recent years. Yet fibre ropes are still rarely found outside the sports industry, although they have one clear advantage over wire ropes.

Food counter at Jakob Saigon canteen
Blog Jakob
17. March 2020
Jakob Saigon Canteen

The canteen at the new Jakob Saigon plant is part of Jakob Saigon’s mission to provide exemplary workplaces.